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(1) respondere (de iure or ius)to give a legal opinion, decision on points of law.Rate it:
(2) cavere (in iure) (Off. 2. 65)to point out what precautions, what formal steps must be taken to insure immunity.Rate it:
(3) agereto be energetic in the conduct of the case; to plead before the judge.Rate it:
(ad colloquium) admitti (B. C. 3. 57)to obtain an audience of some one.Rate it:
(animo) angi (Brut. 27)to be very uneasy; to fret.Rate it:
(animo) paratum esse ad aliquidto be resigned to a thing.Rate it:
(artis, artium) intellegens, peritus (opp. idiota, a layman)a connoisseur; a specialist.Rate it:
(de or ex) provincia decedere or simply decedere (vid. sect. II. 4, note Cf. especially...)to leave a province (at the termination of one's term of office).Rate it:
(de via) decedere alicuimake way for any one.Rate it:
(de) sententia desistereto give up one's opinion.Rate it:
(de) vita decedere or merely decedereto depart this life.Rate it:
(e) somno excitare, dormientem excitareto rouse, wake some one.Rate it:
(ex) finibus excedereto evacuate territory.Rate it:
(ex) iure, lege agere cum aliquoto go to law with a person.Rate it:
(ex) vita excedere, ex vita abireto depart this life.Rate it:
(homo) ridiculus (Plaut. Stich. 1. 3. 21)a wit; a joker.Rate it:
(homo) symphoniacusa singer, member of a choir.Rate it:
(in) equo haerereto sit a horse well; to have a good seat.Rate it:
(in) otio languere et hebescereto grow slack with inactivity, stagnate.Rate it:
(maximis, summis) laudibus efferre aliquem or aliquidto praise, extol, commend a person.Rate it:
(mens scelerum furiis agitatur)to be tormented by remorse.Rate it:
(rerum) imperitum esseto have had no experience of the world.Rate it:
(se) ex aqua emergereto come to the surface.Rate it:
(supinas) manus ad caelum tendereto raise the hands to heaven (attitude of prayer).Rate it:
(terra) continens (B. G. 5. 8. 2)the continent.Rate it:
(The terms for the different ages of man are infans, puer, adulescens, iuvenis, senior, senex, grandis natu.)Rate it:

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