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damno afficito suffer loss, harm, damage.Rate it:
damnum (opp. lucrum) facereto suffer loss, harm, damage.Rate it:
damnum compensare cum aliqua reto balance a loss by anything.Rate it:
damnum ferreto know how to endure calamity.Rate it:
damnum inferre, afferre alicuito do harm to, injure any one.Rate it:
damnum or detrimentum sarcire (not reparare)to make good, repair a loss or injury.Rate it:
dare venenum in paneto give a person poison in bread.Rate it:
dare, concedere aliquidto grant, admit a thing.Rate it:
de caelo servare (Att. 4. 3. 3)to observe the sky (i.e. the flight of birds, lightning, thunder, etc.)Rate it:
de caelo tangi, percutito be struck by lightning.Rate it:
de capite deducere (vid. sect. XII. 1, note Notice too...) aliquidto subtract something from the capital.Rate it:
de fide deducere or a fide abducere aliquemto undermine a person's loyalty.Rate it:
de gloria, fama alicuius detrahereto detract from a person's reputation, wilfully underestimate a person.Rate it:
de gradu deici, ut diciturto lose one's composure; to be disconcerted.Rate it:
de industria, dedita opera (opp. imprudens)designedly; intentionally.Rate it:
de ingenio moribusque alicuius exponereto make a character-sketch of a person.Rate it:
de iure suo decedere or cedereto waive one's right.Rate it:
de manu in manus or per manus tradere aliquidto pass a thing from hand to hand.Rate it:
de nocte, de diewhile it is still night, day.Rate it:
de potestate decedereto give up, lay down office (usually at the end of one's term of office).Rate it:
de principatu deiectus (B. G. 7. 63)deposed from one's high position.Rate it:
de scaena decedereto retire from the stage.Rate it:
de scripto orationem habere, dicere (opp. sine scripto, ex memoria)to read a speech.Rate it:
de se (ex se de aliis) coniecturam facereto judge others by oneself.Rate it:
de sententia aliquem deducere, movereto make a man change his opinion.Rate it:
de sententia deici, depelli, deterrerito be forced to change one's mind.Rate it:
de sententia sua decedereto give up one's opinion.Rate it:
de servis quaerere (in dominum)to examine slaves by torture.Rate it:
de statu suo or mentis deici (Att. 16. 15)to lose one's composure; to be disconcerted.Rate it:
de suo (opp. alieno) vivereto live on one's means.Rate it:
de via declinare, deflectere (also metaphorically)to turn aside from the right way; to deviate.Rate it:
de virtute praecipere alicuito give moral advice, rules of conduct.Rate it:
de vita exire, de (ex) vita migrareto depart this life.Rate it:
de, ab officio decedereto neglect one's duty.Rate it:
de, e civitate aliquem eicereto banish a person, send him into exile.Rate it:
debitor, or is qui debetthe debtor.Rate it:
debitum naturae reddere (Nep. Reg. 1)to die a natural death.Rate it:
decedere loco, de, ex locoto quit a place for ever.Rate it:
decem annos vixisseto be ten years old.Rate it:
decem milibus aeris damnarito be fined 10,000 asses.Rate it:
decessus aestusthe ebb.Rate it:
decimum aetatis annum ingredito be entering on one's tenth year.Rate it:
decimum annum excessisse, egressum esseto be more than ten years old, to have entered on one's eleventh year.Rate it:
decreta, inventa philosophorumthe tenets, dogmas of philosophers.Rate it:
decurrere (in armis)to manœuvre.Rate it:
deditione facta (Sall. Iug. 26)after capitulation.Rate it:
deducere aliquem de domoto escort a person from his house.Rate it:
deest mihi argumentum ad scribendum (Att. 9. 7. 7)I have nothing to write about.Rate it:
deferri, deici aliquoto be driven out of one's course; to drift.Rate it:
dei propitii (opp. irati)the favour of heaven.Rate it:

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