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a certa ratione proficiscito be based on a sound principle.Rate it:
a consilio deterreri aliqua reto be deterred from one's intention by something.Rate it:
a definitione proficiscito start from a definition.Rate it:
a doctrina mediocriter instructum esseto have received only a moderate education.Rate it:
a falsis principiis proficiscito start from false premises.Rate it:
a fortuna desertum, derelictum esseto be abandoned by good luck.Rate it:
a latere regis esseto belong to the king's bodyguard.Rate it:
a lege discedereto transgress a law.Rate it:
a maiorum virtute desciscere, degenerare, deflectereto deteriorate.Rate it:
a me impetrare non possum, utI cannot bring myself to...Rate it:
a metu respirare (Cluent. 70. 200)to recover from one's fright.Rate it:
a mille passibusa mile away.Rate it:
a negotiis publicis se removereto retire from public life.Rate it:
a parentibus degenerareto degenerate (from one's ancestors).Rate it:
a partibus rei publicae animus liber (Sall. Cat. 4. 2)an independent spirit.Rate it:
a pristina consuetudine deflectereto give up old customs.Rate it:
a proposito aberrare, declinare, deflectere, digredi, egredito digress from the point at issue.Rate it:
a puero (is), a parvo (is), a parvulo (is)from youth up.Rate it:
a re publica deficereto betray the interests of the state.Rate it:
a re publica recedereto retire from public life.Rate it:
a se dissidere or sibi non constare (of persons)to contradict oneself, be inconsistent.Rate it:
a senatu amicus appellatus est (B. G. 1. 3)he received from the senate the title of friend.Rate it:
a senatu res ad populum reicitura matter is referred (for decision) from the senate to the people.Rate it:
a sententia sua discedereto give up one's opinion.Rate it:
a Socrate exemplum virtutis petere, repetereto quote Socrates as a model of virtue.Rate it:
a suspicione alicuius rei abhorrereto have no presentiment of a thing.Rate it:
a teneris unguiculis (ἐξ ἁπαλων ὀνύχων) (Fam. 1. 6. 2)from one's cradle, from one's earliest childhood.Rate it:
a veritate deflectere, desciscereto swerve from the truth.Rate it:
a vero abducito be led away from the truth.Rate it:
a vero aversum esse (Catil. 3. 1. 29)to be averse to truth.Rate it:
a vero non abhorrereto be probable.Rate it:
a vetere consuetudine discedereto give up old customs.Rate it:
a virtute discedere or deficereto deviate from the path of virtue.Rate it:
ab (cum) aliquo stare (Brut. 79. 273)to be on a person's side (not ab alicuius partibus).Rate it:
ab alicuius latere non discedereto be always at a person's side.Rate it:
ab aliqua re proficiscito originate in, arise from.Rate it:
ab aliquo in re publica dissentireto hold different views in politics.Rate it:
ab aliquo servitutem or servitutis iugum depellereto deliver some one from slavery.Rate it:
ab armis discedere (Phil. 11. 33)to lay down arms.Rate it:
ab exiguis initiis proficiscito start from small beginnings.Rate it:
ab exitio, ab interitu aliquem vindicareto rescue from destruction.Rate it:
ab ineunte (prima) aetate (De Or. 1. 21. 97)from one's entry into civil life.Rate it:
ab iniuria aliquem defendereto protect any one from wrong.Rate it:
ab officio abduci, avocarito let oneself be perverted from one's duty.Rate it:
ab officio discedereto neglect one's duty.Rate it:
ab omni cultu et humanitate longe abesse (B. G. 1. 1. 3)to be quite uncivilised.Rate it:
ab or de (not ex) Platone vertere, convertere, transferreto translate from Plato.Rate it:
ab ovo usque ad mala (proverb.)from beginning to end.Rate it:
abdicare se magistratu (Div. 2. 35)to resign one's post (before the expiry of the term of office).Rate it:
abesse a culpato be free from blame.Rate it:

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