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iacēre (vid. sect. VII. 1, note iacēre...)to be politically annihilated.Rate it:
iactatio, concitatio popularispopular agitation.Rate it:
iacturam alicuius rei facereto throw away, sacrifice.Rate it:
ianuam effringere, revellereto burst open the door.Rate it:
id quod (mihi) propositum esta theme, subject proposed for discussion.Rate it:
id quod maximum, gravissimum estthe main point.Rate it:
id quod quaerimus (quaeritur)a theme, subject proposed for discussion.Rate it:
id quod voluit consecutus esthe attained his object.Rate it:
id sequor, utmy intention is...Rate it:
id, de quo agitur or id quod cadit in controversiamthe point at issue.Rate it:
idem de re publica sentireto have the same political opinions.Rate it:
idem sentire (opp. dissentire ab aliquo)to hold the same views.Rate it:
idem valere, significare, declarareto have the same meaning.Rate it:
idoneo, aequo, suo (opp. iniquo) locoin a favourable position.Rate it:
ieiunium servareto fast.Rate it:
ignaviae et socordiae se dareto abandon oneself to inactivity and apathy.Rate it:
ignem alereto keep up a fire.Rate it:
ignem concipere, comprehendereto take fire.Rate it:
ignem conclamareto raise an alarm of fire.Rate it:
ignem excitare (pro Mur. 25. 51)to make up, stir up a fire.Rate it:
ignem facere, accendereto light, make a fire.Rate it:
ignem inferre operibus (B. C. 2. 14)to set fire to the siege-works.Rate it:
ignem tectis inferre, subicereto set fire to houses.Rate it:
igni cremari, necarito perish in the flames.Rate it:
ignominiam non ferreto chafe under an indignity, repudiate it.Rate it:
illa civitas Platonis commenticiaPlato's ideal republic.Rate it:
illa civitas, quam Plato finxitPlato's ideal republic.Rate it:
illae sententiae evanueruntthose views are out of date.Rate it:
illae sententiae iam pridem explosae et eiectae sunt (Fin. 5. 8. 23)those ideas have long ago been given up.Rate it:
illud pro certo affirmare licetthis much I can vouch for.Rate it:
illud succurrit mihian idea strikes me.Rate it:
illud, hoc teneoI abide by this opinion.Rate it:
illudere alicui or in aliquem (more rarely aliquem)to make sport of, rally a person.Rate it:
imaginem perfecti oratoris adumbrareto sketch the ideal of an orator.Rate it:
imber tenet (Liv. 23. 44. 6)the rain continues.Rate it:
imbres repente effusia sudden shower.Rate it:
imbuere (vid. sect. VII. 7, note imbuere...) pectora religioneto inspire with religious feeling, with the fear of God.Rate it:
immortalitatem consequi, adipisci, sibi parereto attain eternal renown.Rate it:
immunis (tributorum) (Verr. 5. 21. 51)exempt from taxation.Rate it:
immunitatem omnium rerum habereto enjoy absolute immunity.Rate it:
impellere aliquem in furoremto make some one furious.Rate it:
imperare cupiditatibusto overcome one's passions.Rate it:
imperare milites civitatibusto compel communities to provide troops.Rate it:
imperii summae praeesseto be commander-in-chief.Rate it:
imperii summam deferre alicui or ad aliquem, tradere alicuito appoint some one commander-in-chief.Rate it:
imperii summam tenere (Rep. 2. 28)to be commander-in-chief.Rate it:
imperium alicui abrogare (Off.3. 10)to depose a person from his command.Rate it:
imperium deponere (Rep. 2. 12. 23)to lay down one's power.Rate it:
imperium in annum prorogareto prolong the command for a year.Rate it:
imperium obtinereto maintain power, authority.Rate it:

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