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walk aroundTo walk with no real planned destination, but to just walk, to meander "around".Rate it:
walk awayUsed other than as an idiom: see walk, away.Rate it:
walk awayTo withdraw from a problematic situation.Rate it:
walk awayTo survive a challenging or dangerous situation without harm.Rate it:
walk awayTo defeat someone or achieve something.Rate it:
walk away fromTo abandon or leave; to shun.Rate it:
walk backUsed other than as an idiom: see walk, back.Rate it:
walk backTo withdraw or back-pedal on a statement or promise; retract.Rate it:
walk down the aisleto get marriedRate it:
walk freeTo go unpunished; to win, or avoid, a criminal court case, particularly when actually guilty.Rate it:
walk in onTo enter suddenly or unexpectedly while something is happening; to intrude or interrupt by entering.Rate it:
walk in the parkA recreational walk in a park.Rate it:
walk in the parkSomething easy or pleasant, especially by comparison to something.Rate it:
walk in the snowAn occasion when a momentous career decision is made, especially a decision to resign or retire.Rate it:
walk intomeet with unwittinglyRate it:
walk intoTo collide with.Rate it:
walk intoTo fall into .Rate it:
walk it offTo deal with an negative emotional event without complaint; to take it like a man.Rate it:
walk it offTo walk or pace in order to relieve a pain or cramp.Rate it:
walk like an EgyptianTo walk with one arm horizontally at the side, with arm bent at the elbow facing up, and the other arm horizontally at the side with arm bent at the elbow facing down.Rate it:
walk of lifeAn occupation, role, social class, or lifestyle.Rate it:
walk offTo recover from or digest by walking around.Rate it:
walk offTo measure a distance by walking, as by counting paces or extending a measuring tape or rope.Rate it:
walk offTo flee or abandon.Rate it:
walk off withTo steal, especially by surreptitiously removing an unguarded item.Rate it:
walk off withTo win, as in a contest and especially without significant effort.Rate it:
walk off withTo make the strongest favorable impression in a theatrical or similar performance, in comparison to other performers.Rate it:
Walk on EggsTo proceed very cautiously, to be in precarious position, to be diplomatic for fear of upsetting someoneRate it:
walk on eggshellsTo be careful and sensitive, in handling very sensitive matters.Rate it:
walk on eggshellsTo be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.Rate it:
walk on sunshineTo be extremely happy.Rate it:
walk on the wild sideAn occasion or incident involving adventurous, risky, or morally questionable behavior.Rate it:
walk on the wild sideTo behave in an adventurous, risky, or morally questionable manner.Rate it:
walk on waterTo be able to perform god-like or superhuman feats.Rate it:
walk outTo stage a walkout or strike.Rate it:
walk outTo leave suddenly, especially as a form of protest.Rate it:
walk out onTo abandon or desert someone, especially a spouse.Rate it:
walk overUsed other than as an idiom: to walk over.Rate it:
walk overTo gain an easy victory.Rate it:
walk overTo dominate, treat (someone) as inferior.Rate it:
walk softly and carry a big stickAlternative form of speak softly and carry a big stick.Rate it:
walk the dogTake a dog for a walkRate it:
walk the dogperform a trick where the yo-yo rolls on the ground, attached to the stringRate it:
walk the dogPerform a trick where the ball rolls down the shaft, and then is caught in the head of the lacrosse stick.Rate it:
walk the floorTo pace back and forth restlessly, because of worry, excitement, distress, etc.Rate it:
walk the lineConform to rules, protocol, commands, the usual, the sensible, the customary.Rate it:
walk the lineTo behave in an authorized or socially accepted manner, especially as prescribed by law or morality; to exercise self-control.Rate it:
walk the lineTo maintain an intermediate position between contrasting choices, opinions, etc..Rate it:
walk the lineTo mark or secure a boundary by walking along it.Rate it:
walk the lineTo participate in the procession at a graduation ceremony; to graduate.Rate it:

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