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warning shotUsed other than as an idiom: A shot fired as a warning..Rate it:
warning shotAn action intended to act as a warning.Rate it:
warrior antUsed other than as an idiom: see warrior, ant.Rate it:
warrior antFormica sanguineaRate it:
warts and allOf or pertaining to a description or other depiction which reveals the full range of characteristics of a person or thing, including the shortcomings and imperfections.Rate it:
wash awayTo eliminate, or destroy by fast moving water, such as in a flood, or a high sea.Rate it:
wash awayTo eliminate, in a figurative sense.Rate it:
wash downTo help to swallow by drinking a liquid, after eating something, or taking a pill.Rate it:
wash downTo wash something completely from top to bottom.Rate it:
wash my back, i'll wash your'sYou assist ME, Ill Assist YOURate it:
wash offTo remove by washing.Rate it:
wash one's dirty linen in publicSynonym of air one's dirty laundry in publicRate it:
wash one's handsto wash one's hands ofRate it:
wash one's handsto go to the toiletRate it:
wash one's hands ofTo absolve oneself of responsibility or future blame for.Rate it:
wash outTo remove something by washing.Rate it:
wash outTo wear away by the flow of water; to erode.Rate it:
wash outTo cancel due to bad weather.Rate it:
wash outTo lose traction while going around a turn, especially in cycling, motorsports and skiing/snowboarding.Rate it:
wash out of my hairget the memory out of my head - forgetRate it:
wash overTo pass unnoticed so that one is unaffected by it.Rate it:
wash overSaid of the way an emotion affects one suddenly.Rate it:
wash overOf open water. To surge over the banks, or other retaining structure.Rate it:
wash upTo clean the utensils, dishes etc. used in preparing and eating a meal.Rate it:
wash upTo wash one's hands and/or face, often around mealtimes.Rate it:
wash upTo be carried on to land by water.Rate it:
wash withhave an effect on, persuadeRate it:
Wash Your Hands of SomethingStop being involved in something, to end involvement with someone or something, stop being responsible for something, disownRate it:
wash your mouth outA phrase uttered after someone has said a swear word.Rate it:
washed outOf clothes. When they lose some of their original colour from being washed so often.Rate it:
washed outTo be very tired and lacking energy.Rate it:
washed upFed up. finishedRate it:
washed upFinished; having no future in a particular role.Rate it:
waste awayTo lose energy and become weak and feeble.Rate it:
waste breathTo speak in a manner which is needless or futile; in discussion or argument to make points which are not appreciated or heeded.Rate it:
waste not, want notIf one is not wasteful then one will not be needy.Rate it:
watch itTo be careful or cautious; to pay attention to what one is doing (usually imperative).Rate it:
watch like a hawkto observe (someone or something) closely and keenlyRate it:
watch one's headTo look out for things one's head might bump into.Rate it:
watch one's mouthIn the imperative form, used as a warning to avoid or stop using inappropriate language, especially profanity, or disrespectful utterances.Rate it:
watch one's mouthTo be careful about what one says, especially with regard to disrespectful or profane language.Rate it:
watch one's stepTo be cautious.Rate it:
watch one's stepTo move cautiously.Rate it:
watch outTo be aware or conscious; to look closely or carefully; to use caution. Often used in the imperative.Rate it:
watch overTo guard and protect.Rate it:
watch this spaceAn indication that a development will follow.Rate it:
watch your mouthAdmonition mainly addressed to youth when they occasionally became profane, loud, boisterous, or engaged in vulgarities.Rate it:
Watched Pot Never BoilsWhen you are waiting for something but will not happen when you are concentrating,Rate it:
water canUsed other than as an idiom: see water, can.Rate it:
water canAny of several species of Nuphar; the yellow frog lily; so called from the shape of the seed vessel.Rate it:

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