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WIBNIAbbreviation of wouldn't it be nice if.Rate it:
wicked tongueAn abusive, vulgar, nasty, or otherwise objectionable manner of speaking.Rate it:
wide awakeAwake and very alert.Rate it:
wide berthAdequate distance from sea vessels or other objects to ensure safety and maneuverability.Rate it:
wide berthA considerable or comfortable distance from a person or object, especially for safety or deliberate avoidance.Rate it:
wide of the markInaccurate.Rate it:
wide of the markMissing the target.Rate it:
wide rangingextensiveRate it:
widow's miteA very small gift or donation which, however, represents a great sacrifice on the part of the giver.Rate it:
widow's miteThe lepton coin.Rate it:
widow-makerSomething which or someone who takes the lives of men; a hazard that affects mostly men or is specific for some trade, occupied mostly by men.Rate it:
widow-makerSomething which or someone who takes the lives of men; a lethal hazard that affects mostly men or is specific to a primarily male trade.Rate it:
wife upto marry a woman; to make a woman one’s wifeRate it:
wife upto spend extensive or excessive time with one’s wife or girlfriend; to be under a woman’s thumb; to be whippedRate it:
wig outTo become extremely emotional or excitable; to lose control of one's emotions.Rate it:
wiggle roomThe opportunity to make alternative decisions or to pursue other courses of action, especially any involving only minor changes to one's present situation or course.Rate it:
wild cherryUsed other than as an idiom: see wild, cherry.Rate it:
wild cherryThe uncultivated cherry tree, Prunus avium, native to Europe and western Asia.Rate it:
wild cherryPrunus serotina of North America.Rate it:
wild cherryThe fruit of these trees.Rate it:
wild horsesA force not subject to human control and normally stronger than a man.Rate it:
wild horsesPlural form of wild horse.Rate it:
wild turkeyUsed other than as an idiom: see wild, turkey.Rate it:
wild turkeyA large gamebird, Meleagris gallopavo, native to North America.Rate it:
Wild-Goose ChaseA useless hunt, a worthless chase, a futile search Rate it:
wild-goose chaseA futile search, a fruitless errand; a useless and often lengthy pursuit.Rate it:
wild-goose chaseA task whose execution is inordinately complex relative to the value of the outcome.Rate it:
will doUsed other than as an idiom: see will, do.Rate it:
will doAffirmative yes in response to an especially personal or direct request for the performance of some action.Rate it:
will o' the wispA strange light that attracts travellers from pathways into dangerous marshes or graveyards.Rate it:
will o' the wispA delusional or otherwise unobtainable goal that one feels compelled to pursue.Rate it:
will onTo wish intensely that someone succeeds in what they are doing. Often implies a silent, or almost inaudible wish.Rate it:
will you marry meUsed to propose marriage to someoneRate it:
willful ignoranceA bad faith decision to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt. It may also be shown as for a person to have no clue in a decision but still goes ahead in their decision.Rate it:
williesPlural form of willy.Rate it:
willing horseOne who readily performs hard work or who voluntarily tolerates an adverse situation.Rate it:
willow in the windOne whose views are easily and regularly changed by the persuasion or influence of others.Rate it:
willy nillySeemingly at random, haphazardly.Rate it:
willy nillyWhether desired or not.Rate it:
willy nillyWithout regard for consequences or the will of those affected.Rate it:
wimp outTo behave like a wimp.Rate it:
WINInitialism of whip inflation now : a 1974 US political slogan.Rate it:
win aroundTo persuade someone who disagrees to agree with one's own point of view.Rate it:
win backto win money that has been lost.Rate it:
win backTo regain favour (with)Rate it:
win backTo get (someone) to be one's partner, after having been apart.Rate it:
win by a noseTo win narrowly; to have a narrow victory.Rate it:
win one for the GipperTo do something in memory of another person.Rate it:
win outTo be victorious. Usually of emotions and human qualities.Rate it:
win overTo persuade someone, gain someone's support, or make someone understand the truth or validity of something.Rate it:

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