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water downTo dilute; to add water.Rate it:
water downTo make weaker.Rate it:
water downTo simplify or oversimplify; to make easier; to make less difficult.Rate it:
water is exceeding up the headwhen every thing goes wrong and nothing is controlableRate it:
water is wetA statement of the obvious.Rate it:
Water over the DamEvents that are unchangeable, past eventsRate it:
water over the damAn event or set of events which has already happened and cannot be changed.Rate it:
water polosportRate it:
water to my millWhat energizes you; what stimulates you.Rate it:
water to one's millWhatever energizes or stimulates one.Rate it:
Water Under the BridgeUsed to signify a life situation that has already happened and cannot be changed; therefore, one should not worry about it. The analogy to water having passed under the bridge means that there is nothing you can do about it since it's already passed, so no reason to dwell on it. What's done is done.Rate it:
water under the bridgeSomething in the past that cannot be controlled or undone, but must be accepted, forgiven, or forgotten.Rate it:
watered-downdiluted; containing extra waterRate it:
watered-downweakened or simplifiedRate it:
watered-downDiluted; containing extra water.Rate it:
watered-downWeakened or simplified.Rate it:
watering holeA depression in which water collects and where animals come to drink.Rate it:
watering holeA bar or other local drinking establishment.Rate it:
watery graveDeath via drowning in a body of water.Rate it:
wave awayTo reject or dismiss with a hand gesture.Rate it:
wave downTo cause to stop by using an arm gesture.Rate it:
wave of the handAs if by magic.Rate it:
wave offTo say goodbye to someone with a waveRate it:
wave offOf a referee, to disallow a field goal with the aforementioned hand gesture.Rate it:
wave the white flagTo indicate to an opposing force that one is surrendering.Rate it:
wave the white flagTo yield, give up, or quit.Rate it:
wax lyricalTo become, or tend to become lyrical.Rate it:
wax lyricalTo talk about something with much interest or excitement.Rate it:
way back whenA time in the distant past.Rate it:
way outexcellent, amazingRate it:
way outexitRate it:
way out of a paper bagA minimal level of competence or effectiveness, as used in phrases where one is unable to perform such.Rate it:
way to goAn expression of congratulations, encouragement, or approval.Rate it:
wbuAbbreviation of what about you?Rate it:
WDYMBTInitialism of what do you mean by that?.Rate it:
WDYTInitialism of what do you think?.Rate it:
we haven't got all daya statement used to hurry people upRate it:
We only admire Sun Rise and Sun Set, like humansWe only admire humans when they are born and about to leave the world.Rate it:
weak sisterA person or thing which is the least robust or least dependable member of a group.Rate it:
weak sisterA person who is cowardly or indecisive.Rate it:
weak teaUsed other than as an idiom: see weak, tea.Rate it:
weak teaWeak (feeble) effort or proposal; unconvincing argument.Rate it:
weak-kneedLacking will power or strength of character; timid.Rate it:
weak-kneedUsed other than as an idiom: see week, kneed.Rate it:
weaker vesselA woman; women collectively.Rate it:
weapons freeAn order that weapons may be fired at targets that are not positively identified as friendly.Rate it:
weapons holdAn order that weapons may be fired at targets only when under attack, or in response to a formal orderRate it:
weapons tightAn order that weapons may only be fired at targets that are positively identified as hostileRate it:
wear awayto erode gradually and progressivelyRate it:
wear downTo cause physical or mental fatigue.Rate it:

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