Found 54 phrases starting with WR:

wrack and ruinComplete destruction.Rate it:
wrap around one's fingersTo make one susceptible to desire, in that their behavior or actions are influenced.Rate it:
wrap around one's little fingerTo successfully control or exert influence over, especially for a sustained period of time.Rate it:
wrap in the flagTo claim one's cause deserves support for patriotic reasons or that one's own motives are patriotic.Rate it:
wrap it before you tap itwear a condom before sexual intercourse.Rate it:
wrap one's head aroundUsed other than as an idiom: see wrap, head, around.Rate it:
wrap one's head aroundTo come to a good understanding of.Rate it:
wrap one's head aroundTo crash into (something, especially a pole) messily and fatally while travelling in a motor vehicle.Rate it:
wrap someone around your little fingerA feeling, a sense, an awareness one realizes when another is deeply devoted, lovingly loyal and shares a mutuality in myriad areas in each other and their lives.Rate it:
wrap upTo fold and secure something to be the cover or protection for something.Rate it:
wrap upTo finish off a task completely.Rate it:
wrap upTo form a cylinder by rolling a sheet of something.Rate it:
wrap upTo wear more clothes as protection from the weather; to bundle up.Rate it:
wrap upTo summarize or recapitulate.Rate it:
wreak havocTo cause damage, disruption, or destruction.Rate it:
wreck havoccause destructionRate it:
wrestle with a pigTo engage in a struggle with an opponent that benefits from the struggle even without winning it.Rate it:
wrestling with a pigTo engage in a pointless task that leaves one worse off for having made an honest attempt.Rate it:
wriggle out ofUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
wriggle out ofTo circumvent an obligation by sneaky means.Rate it:
wring outTo squeeze a wet material, either by twisting with one's hands, or by passing it through a wringer, to remove the water.Rate it:
wring outTo force someone to give something, usually truth, or money.Rate it:
writ largeUsed other than as an idiom: see writ, large, larger, largest.Rate it:
writ largeMagnified; on a large scale.Rate it:
writ largeReadily discerned, unmistakably indicated.Rate it:
write downDown in writing; to record something.Rate it:
write downIn a simple or condescending style.Rate it:
write downTo make a downward adjustment in the value of an asset.Rate it:
write him offDismiss, Pay No Attention, Ignore, Bypass, "Relegate To Recycle Bin",Rate it:
write home aboutSee nothing to write home about and something to write home about.Rate it:
write home aboutOf significance.Rate it:
write inTo write a letter to, e.g. a publication.Rate it:
write inTo fill in something required, by writing.Rate it:
write offTo reduce an asset's book value to zero.Rate it:
write offTo record an expenditure as an expense.Rate it:
write offTo record an notional expense such as amortization or depreciation.Rate it:
write offFiguratively, to assign a low value to something.Rate it:
write offunrepairable carRate it:
write one's own ticketTo be empowered to choose whatever job, financial arrangement, or course of action one desires.Rate it:
write outTo write in full length or expanded form.Rate it:
write upreviewRate it:
write upTo write about positively.Rate it:
write upTo document the faults of.Rate it:
write upTo produce by writing.Rate it:
writer's crampA debilitating pain preventing easy movement of the wrist, hand, or fingers, resulting from prolonged use of a pen or pencil.Rate it:
writing on the wallAn ominous warning; a prediction of bad luck.Rate it:
written all over someone's faceVery obvious, from someone's facial expression.Rate it:
written in someone's faceAlternative form of written all over someone's faceRate it:
wrong crowdA group of people thought to have a negative influence on a person's behaviour.Rate it:
wrong numberA telephone call received from an unfamiliar caller, due to a mistake in the number dialled.Rate it:

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