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woe betidebad things will happen toRate it:
wolf downQuickly and without regard for table manners.Rate it:
wolf in sheep's clothingGrammar school stories told of the Wily wolf wearing a sheepskin costume as he stealthily circles the grazing sheep seeking to snatch a helpless little lamb in his sharp-toothed and drooling vicious jaws!Rate it:
Wolf in Sheep's ClothingA person who is dangerous but pretends to be harmless, an enemy who is disguising as a friendRate it:
wolf in sheep's clothingSomething harmful or problematic disguised as something peaceful or pleasant.Rate it:
wolfpackA family or other group of wild wolves.Rate it:
wolfpackDuring World War II, any of various marauding groups of submarines, especially German submarines that patrolled the North Atlantic and preyed upon merchant ships.Rate it:
woman among womenA woman who is accepted on the same terms, and as having the same worth, as other others in society.Rate it:
woman among womenA remarkable or superior woman who stands out from others; a leader or exemplar for others.Rate it:
woman of few wordsA woman who either does not speak much or speaks only for a brief period of time.Rate it:
woman of the hourA woman who has recently caught the attention of, or is being admired or honoured by, a large number of people.Rate it:
woman of the peopleA woman who shows understanding of and sympathy for the concerns of ordinaries, and who has a rapport with and acceptance by them.Rate it:
woman on the streetAn ordinary woman from the general public.Rate it:
woman upto begin behaving responsibly, courageously, or bothRate it:
women and children firstAn exhortation to follow the principle of removing women and children from danger before men.Rate it:
wonder of wondersA happening, an event, a pleasing circumstance, results beyond one's wildest dream or expectation:Rate it:
wonders never ceaseExpresses surprise at an unusual action.Rate it:
woo backTo gain somebody back by wooing him or her.Rate it:
wooden marea wooden horse, a torture deviceRate it:
wooden spoonA spoon made from wood.Rate it:
wooden spoonAn ironic prize for finishing last in a competition.Rate it:
wooden spoonkitchen utensilRate it:
wooden spoonistThe person or team who comes last in a contest.Rate it:
wooden-topUniformed police officers.Rate it:
wooden-topA uniformed police officer.Rate it:
word for wordusing exactly the same words, verbatimRate it:
word has itpeople who gossip are saying that..., there is a rumor going around that...Rate it:
Word of MouthRumors through oral communication, gossips spreading through spoken communicationRate it:
word of mouthVerbal means of passing of information.Rate it:
word of mouthAdvertising from a satisfied customerRate it:
word on the streetThe rumour or news going around on the street.Rate it:
word on the wireThe rumour or news going around on the Internet, in business, on the street, or in social circles.Rate it:
word playUsed other than as an idiom: see word, play.Rate it:
word playA technique in which the nature of the words used become part of the subject of the work, such as puns, phonetic mix-ups such as spoonerisms, obscure words and meanings, clever rhetorical excursions, oddly formed sentences, and telling character names.Rate it:
word to the wiseA piece of advice.Rate it:
word-for-wordUsing exactly the same words (as were originally used).Rate it:
words fail someoneOf a person: to be incapable of describing something with words, especially due to fear, shock, or surprise.Rate it:
words of one syllableSimple, clear, straightforward language; blunt language.Rate it:
WORESynonym of WORARate it:
wore outgot oldRate it:
work 'im over!To give someone heavy criticism, 'dress him down', 'read him out', let him know 'who's the boss'!Rate it:
work against the clockTo work very quickly because you know you only have a very limited period of time to do something.Rate it:
work around the clockTo work all day and all night without a break, because it is imperative to finish something.Rate it:
work atTo make a physical or mental effort to progress some specified task.Rate it:
work inTo find time or space forRate it:
work like a charmworks great - exactly as expectedRate it:
work like a dreamTo function very efficiently and effectively, with few or no problems.Rate it:
work like a horseTo work very hard; toilRate it:
work nightsTo work, nights, as a prostitute.Rate it:
work nightsUsed other than as an idiom: see work, nights.Rate it:

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