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walk the plankTo be forced to resign from a position in an organization.Rate it:
walk the talkTo do what one said one could do, or would do, not just making empty promises. To walk one's talk is to be innocent of hypocrisy.Rate it:
walk the walkAct competently, like an expert.Rate it:
walk throughUsed other than as an idiom: walk through.Rate it:
walk throughTo explain someone something, step by step.Rate it:
walk throughTo rehearseRate it:
walk throughTo perform something with ease.Rate it:
walked out onTo abandoned; to desertRate it:
walking dictionaryA person familiar with a wide range of specialized terms.Rate it:
walking on airvery happyRate it:
Walking on AirDelighted, feeling exhilarated, elated, ecstaticRate it:
wall inTo enclose by surrounding with walls.Rate it:
wall of silenceStrict secretiveness maintained by the members of a group with respect to information which might be contrary to their interests, especially information concerning questionable actions by members of the group.Rate it:
wall offTo separate with a wall.Rate it:
Wall Street American financial markets, financial institutions as a whole, or by extension, big-business interests.Rate it:
wall to wall carpetsfloor coveringsRate it:
wall upTo seal with a wall.Rate it:
wallow in self pityPity for oneself. Especially exaggerated or self-indulgent pity where you believe that you are the victim who has done no wrong and is deserving of condolence from everyone.Rate it:
wallow in the mireUsed other than as an idiom. To roll around in mud or dirtRate it:
walls have earsThere is a risk of being heard, so pay attention to what you say.Rate it:
waltz matildaTo travel with a swag; that is, with one's belongings wrapped in a cloth.Rate it:
wander offTo wander away from somewhere.Rate it:
wank offTo masturbate.Rate it:
wank offTo sexually stimulate another's penis.Rate it:
wanker's crampAn ache in the wrist caused by repetitive movements.Rate it:
wanna 'take a spin?Take a ride in car, Take a SPIN in MY J-3 Taylor Cub Airplane?Rate it:
want inTo want to be a part of something.Rate it:
want outTo want to leave something.Rate it:
wanton kittens make sober catsPeople who are unruly and reckless in youth may nevertheless turn out to be responsible adults.Rate it:
war brideA company or individual whose business is increased by warfare.Rate it:
war brideA woman who marries a man who is on active duty military in wartime.Rate it:
war of nervesWarfare or other physical conflict in which one or more combatting parties use especially demoralizing and frightening tactics to attempt to unnerve their opponents.Rate it:
war of nervesA situation in which opposed parties refrain from direct conflict but maintain a tense, contentious relationship in which each uses annoyances or intimidating psychological tactics to attempt to dishearten and unnerve the other.Rate it:
war of wordsA heated exchange of threatening or inflammatory statements.Rate it:
war... war never changesFrom the video game series FalloutRate it:
ward offTo parry, or turn aside.Rate it:
ward offTo avert or prevent.Rate it:
warm bodyAny person who is present.Rate it:
warm bodyUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see warm,‎ body.Rate it:
warm downGentle excercise at the end of a training session before cooling off.Rate it:
warm fuzzyA good impression; a feeling of comfort or trust.Rate it:
warm regardsUsed as a polite way to finish a letter.Rate it:
warm the cockles of someone's heartTo provide happiness, to bring a deeply-felt contentment.Rate it:
warm upTo make an audience enthusiastic or animated before a show.Rate it:
warm upTo reheat food.Rate it:
warm upTo become warmer.Rate it:
warm upTo prepare for executing an already-learned activity by a limited amount of additional practice.Rate it:
warm-bloodedmaintaining a relatively constant and warm body temperature, regardless of the ambient temperatureRate it:
warm-bloodedpassionateRate it:
warmest regardsUsed as a polite closing of a letterRate it:

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