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as far as one knowsTo the best of one's knowledge.Rate it:
as fine as Dick's hatbandVery fine: very good or well-made.Rate it:
as forwith reference toRate it:
as good asvirtuallyRate it:
as good as it getsThe best available under the circumstances.Rate it:
as good as one's wordFaithful to a promise one has made.Rate it:
as hard as a rockSomething hard to do or very very confusingRate it:
as I was sayingUsed to refer back to a previous statement in a discourseRate it:
as ifAs though; in a manner suggesting.Rate it:
as ifIn mimicry of.Rate it:
as if there is no tomorrowAlternative form of as if there were no tomorrowRate it:
as if there was no tomorrowAlternative form of as if there were no tomorrowRate it:
as if there were no tomorrowto an excessive degree, desperately, very quickly or very muchRate it:
as inUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see as,‎ in.Rate it:
as inIn the sense of.Rate it:
as isIn its present state or condition, especially as a contractual condition of sale.Rate it:
as it happensBy coincidenceRate it:
as it isUsed other than as an idiom: see as, it, is.Rate it:
as it isIn the actual circumstances (and often contrary to expectations).Rate it:
as it isAlready.Rate it:
as like as notprobablyRate it:
as long asDepending upon some condition or requirement; provided that; if, assuming; so long as.Rate it:
as long asThe same length as.Rate it:
as long asWhile; for some period of time.Rate it:
as luck may have itby chance, luckilyRate it:
as luck would have itAs it happened; how it turned out; by good fortune; fortunately or luckily.Rate it:
as muchLikewise, similarly, in a similar manner.Rate it:
as muchAlmost, very nearly.Rate it:
as muchAn emphatic, emphasizing smallness.Rate it:
as muchUsed other than as an idiom: see as, much.Rate it:
as much use as a chocolate fireguardUseless; pointless.Rate it:
as much use as a chocolate teapotThoroughly useless.Rate it:
as ofFrom, on or at a specified time.Rate it:
as of lateLately; recently.Rate it:
as often as notMore or less half of the time; on many occasions but not always; frequently.Rate it:
as one doesUsed to indicate an unusual or unexpected situation.Rate it:
as queer as Dick's hatbandVery queer: very unusual or strange.Rate it:
as sly as a foxvery cunning and smartRate it:
as soon asUsed other than as an idiom: see as, soon.Rate it:
as soon asAt the moment when; immediately after.Rate it:
as soon asUsed in contrast, sometimes to mark a denial.Rate it:
as the actress said to the bishopused to highlight a sexual ambiguity in an innocent remarkRate it:
as the case may beAs is appropriate to the circumstances; particularly where a choice must be made between two options.Rate it:
As the Crow FliesDirect and shortest distance among two places, distance estimated in a straight lineRate it:
as the crow fliesIn a straight line distance between two locations, as opposed to the road distance or over land distance.Rate it:
as the day is longUnceasingly; very; thoroughly; to a very high degree.Rate it:
as the fella saidAlternative form of as the fella saysRate it:
as the fella saysas the saying goes; as someone once said, invoking the wisdom of the common man on the streetRate it:
as the next girlTo a reasonable degree; as much as a typical person: especially, as much as a typical woman.Rate it:
as the next guyTo a reasonable degree; as much as a typical person or man.Rate it:

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