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around the bendCrazy, insane.Rate it:
around the clockAll the time or seemingly all the time; constantly.Rate it:
around the cornerImminent.Rate it:
around the HornVia shipboard communications, formerly metal tubes with earhorn-like ends.Rate it:
around the HornFollowing the extremely hazardous naval route around Cape Horn, the southernmost point in South America.Rate it:
arrive atTo reach.Rate it:
arse aboutUsed other than as an idiom: see arse, about.Rate it:
arse aboutTo turn round.Rate it:
arse aboutThe wrong way round; exactly opposite to that which is desirable; contrary; conceptually inverted; wrong.Rate it:
arse about faceSomething that is placed or arranged the opposite way to the way it should be.Rate it:
arse aroundTo behave in a clownish, irresponsible or inefficient manner.Rate it:
arse end of nowhereA very remote place.Rate it:
arse has gone clean out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse has gone out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse has gone right out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse is clean out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse is gone right out of 'erMatters, especially economic matters, have gone very wrong; things are out of control.Rate it:
arse is out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse is right out of 'erAlternative form of arse is gone right out of 'erRate it:
arse over tipTumbling or falling; upside-down.Rate it:
arse over titTumbling; falling; upside-down; unstable or unbalanced.Rate it:
arsy varseyTumbling upside down; head over heels.Rate it:
arsy varsyTumbling upside down; head over heels; backwards.Rate it:
arsy versyTumbling upside down; head over heels; backwards.Rate it:
art imitates lifeThe observation that a creative work was inspired by true events; based on a true story.Rate it:
artful dodgerA crafty person who commits minor crimes or behaves in a rather unscrupulous manner.Rate it:
artful dodgerOne who deftly evades obstacles, pursuers, inconveniences, or other difficulties.Rate it:
as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his follyFoolish people repeatedly do foolish things.Rate it:
as a rulenormallyRate it:
as a ruleIn general; most often.Rate it:
as a wholeConsidered all togetherRate it:
as above, so belowWhat happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.Rate it:
as agile as a monkeythe agility of monkeys in well- known by everyone! to say that someone is agile as a monkey means that he is very agileRate it:
as agile as a monkeyif you say someone is as agile as a monkey then you are saying that the person is able to move as fast and easy as a monkey; therefore, as agile as a monkey means being able to move as swift and easy as a monkeyRate it:
as all get-outExtremely; to a superlative degree; very much.Rate it:
as best one canIn the best possible way, given the circumstances.Rate it:
as English as apple pieHaving characteristics considered quintessential to English or British life.Rate it:
as everconsistent with past behaviour, as expectedRate it:
as ever trod shoe-leatherAs ever existed or lived.Rate it:
as far asup toRate it:
as far asIn the scope of.Rate it:
as far asWith respect to; as relates to.Rate it:
as far as one knowsTo the best of one's knowledge.Rate it:
as fine as Dick's hatbandVery fine: very good or well-made.Rate it:
as forwith reference toRate it:
as good asvirtuallyRate it:
as good as it getsThe best available under the circumstances.Rate it:
as good as one's wordFaithful to a promise one has made.Rate it:
as I was sayingUsed to refer back to a previous statement in a discourseRate it:
as ifAs though; in a manner suggesting.Rate it:

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