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almost doesn't countNear success (or correctness) is not deemed success (or correctness).Rate it:
almost went into a coma earning this diplomaLong hard work for the diplomaRate it:
alone in a crowdFeeling as though one does not fit in with the people around one.Rate it:
along aboutApproximately; at around some time.Rate it:
along the linesIn a general direction or manner.Rate it:
alright me babberA generic greeting.Rate it:
alright me loverA generic greeting.Rate it:
alright my babberAlternative form of alright me babberRate it:
alright my loverAlternative form of alright me loverRate it:
also known asUsed to introduce an alternative name; alias.Rate it:
also ranunplaced horseRate it:
Also-RanA Competitor, Activist, Advocate, 'Busy Body', 'Has-Been' {attempting to become an 'Is-Been'}Rate it:
aluminum showerUsed other than as an idiom: see aluminum, shower.Rate it:
aluminum showerThe result of a midair collision of two aircraft.Rate it:
aluminum showerA party or similar event at which aluminum household items are given, as for a wedding.Rate it:
aluminum showerAn event at which people give household items made of aluminum to the war effort.Rate it:
always a bridesmaid, never a brideSaid of a person who has potential that is never fulfilled.Rate it:
always be yourselfdon´t change the way you are. be you, be special. don´t be like othersRate it:
always late and a penny shortSomeone who is late with a birthday or anniversary wishRate it:
always the bridesmaid, never the brideAlternative form of always a bridesmaid, never a brideRate it:
am I rightSaid by someone who has just stated what he or she considers to be an unassailable truth.Rate it:
am i right or am i rightRhetorical question from somebody who has stated what they consider to be an unassailable truth.Rate it:
am I under arrestAsked to authority, to ascertain if one is being detained.Rate it:
amana amanaFriend to friendRate it:
amateur hourA situation or activity in which the participants show a lack of skill, sound judgment, or professionalism.Rate it:
ambassador of MoroccoA shoemaker.Rate it:
amber gamblerA driver of a road vehicle who accelerates when the traffic lights change from green to amber (instead of stopping, as required by law), gambling that no vehicle will cross his or her path; a driver who starts off when the traffic lights show red and amber together, but not yet green.Rate it:
amber nectarLager beer.Rate it:
amen curlerA parish clerk.Rate it:
American as apple pieHaving characteristics considered quintessential to American life; very American.Rate it:
American DreamA widespread determination by Americans to provide their children with a better upbringing than their parents were able to provide for them.Rate it:
American DreamA philosophy that with hard work, courage and determination, anyone can prosper and achieve success.Rate it:
an apple a dayHealthy eating and living using traditional temperate-zone fresh foods.Rate it:
an apple a day keeps the doctor awayApples are healthy and stave off illness.Eat healthy and you won't get sick.Rate it:
an apple for the teacherChildren would curry favor with teacher by bringing nice apple to her desk:Rate it:
an army marches on its stomachYou must eat properly if you want to perform tasks well.Rate it:
an awesome teacherSignifica: ¨Un maestro maravilloso.¨  Rate it:
an axe to grindA grievance, with implications of confrontation.Rate it:
an englishman's home is his castle(UK) a proverbial expression of personal privacy and securityRate it:
an explosion of flavor!The reaction of the taste buds and the associated explosion of pleasant, sweet, toothsome, rewarding, overwhelming pleasurable response to food, drink or sweetmeats, desserts etc.Rate it:
an insult to one is an insult to allWhen individuals are insulted based on their characteristics, that insult also applies to everybody who shares them.Rate it:
an offer one can't refuseAn offer from one side in any transaction with terms so attractive that the other side is almost guaranteed to accept.Rate it:
an offer one can't refuseAn offer from one side in any transaction with the results of failing to accept so unattractive that the other side is almost guaranteed to accept.Rate it:
an old fuddy, duddyOne Whom Remains Stilted, Unwilling to React in an Up To The Moment Attitude; Dwells in the Past. Rejects modern approaches.Rate it:
an umbrella policyReference insurance terminology. An additional protection beyond the basic policy to cover the unusual, the vastly unpredictable, in a loss or damage incident.Rate it:
anaconda mortgageA loan arrangement in which all of the money borrowed from a lender, for whatever purpose, is secured by one's home, land, and other property.Rate it:
ancient historyThat which happened a long time ago and not worth discussing any more.Rate it:
ancient historyA period of history generally seen as occurring before the Middle Ages, that is, before the fall of the Roman Empire. Includes Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.Rate it:
and allIncluding every object, attribute, or process associated with preceding item or series of items.Rate it:
and allUsed to suggest certain unstated relevant implications or what has been stated.Rate it:

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