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all things come to those who wait(dated) A patient seeker will be satisfied in due time; patience is a virtue.Rate it:
all things consideredDespite possible indications to the contrary.Rate it:
all things to all peopleSomeone or something that entirely satisfies the expectations of everyone, no matter how diverse and conflicting those expectations may be.Rate it:
All ThumbsUncomfortable for doing things, specifically with handsRate it:
all thumbsClumsy; awkward; not dextrous.Rate it:
all to smashRuined; bankrupt.Rate it:
all to the betterEven better.Rate it:
all toldWith everything included, counted or summed.Rate it:
all very wellAll right, to a certain extent.Rate it:
all very wellTrue, as far as it goes.Rate it:
all walks of lifeAll professions, lifestyles or social classes.Rate it:
all washed-upno longer successful, skillful, popular, or needed.Rate it:
all well and goodBasically good, but with some shortcoming or limitation.Rate it:
all wetThoroughly soaked; drenched.Rate it:
all wetUtterly incorrect; erroneous; uninformed.Rate it:
all wool and a yard wideOf high quality.Rate it:
all work and no play makes jack a dull boyToo much focus on one's career is often viewed unfavorably.Too much hard work and not enough leisure time can be unhealthy.Rate it:
all y'allPlural form of you.Rate it:
all y'all'sPossessive of all y'all (standing in for all your).Rate it:
all your base are belong to usUsed to tout victory over an opponent, or simply as a humorous catchphrase.Rate it:
all's fair in love and warunpleasant behavior is acceptable during love and conflict.Rate it:
all's oneIt is just the same; it makes no difference.Rate it:
all's well that ends wellProblems do not matter if things turn out well in the end.Rate it:
all-a-mortStruck dumb, confounded.Rate it:
all-a-mortSad; at death's door.Rate it:
all-conqueringthis is used when you are describing someone or something as better than anyone else. They are at the top level they can beRate it:
all-over oneselfFeeling self-satisfied.Rate it:
alles anderes ist Menschenwerk“Everything else is the work of man.” “Everything else is a human construct.”Rate it:
allow forTo take into account when making plans.Rate it:
alma materthe university, school, or college that one formerly attended.Rate it:
almighty dollarThe dollar, satirically characterized as a being a god.Rate it:
almost doesn't countNear success (or correctness) is not deemed success (or correctness).Rate it:
alone in a crowdFeeling as though one does not fit in with the people around one.Rate it:
along aboutApproximately; at around some time.Rate it:
along the linesIn a general direction or manner.Rate it:
alright me babberA generic greeting.Rate it:
alright me loverA generic greeting.Rate it:
alright my babberAlternative form of alright me babberRate it:
alright my loverAlternative form of alright me loverRate it:
also known asUsed to introduce an alternative name; alias.Rate it:
also ranunplaced horseRate it:
Also-RanA Competitor, Activist, Advocate, 'Busy Body', 'Has-Been' {attempting to become an 'Is-Been'}Rate it:
aluminum showerUsed other than as an idiom: see aluminum, shower.Rate it:
aluminum showerThe result of a midair collision of two aircraft.Rate it:
aluminum showerA party or similar event at which aluminum household items are given, as for a wedding.Rate it:
aluminum showerAn event at which people give household items made of aluminum to the war effort.Rate it:
always a bridesmaid, never a brideSaid of a person who has potential that is never fulfilled.Rate it:
always be yourselfdon´t change the way you are. be you, be special. don´t be like othersRate it:
always late and a penny shortSomeone who is late with a birthday or anniversary wishRate it:
always the bridesmaid, never the brideAlternative form of always a bridesmaid, never a brideRate it:

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