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at this point in timeRight now.Rate it:
at timesOn occasion, sometimes.Rate it:
at variancenot in accord; in a state of disagreementRate it:
at willAt one's preference; as one sees fit.Rate it:
at workAt one's workplace.Rate it:
at workWorking, in the process of doing work.Rate it:
Athanasian wenchA sexually promiscuous or loose woman, willing to have sexual intercourse with "whoever wants to".Rate it:
atom bombnuclear weaponRate it:
atomic cocktailA drinkable liquid containing a radioactive substance, used in health care either as a diagnostic aid or as a treatment, especially for cancer of the thyroid.Rate it:
atomic cocktailA mixed alcoholic beverage, created in Las Vegas, USA, in the mid-20th century.Rate it:
atta girlAlternative spelling of attagirl.Rate it:
attaboyUsed to show encouragement or approval to a boy or man.Rate it:
attaboyA cry of "attaboy"; an accolade.Rate it:
attack is the best form of defenceIn a battle, attacking the opposition first is better than waiting for them to attack.Rate it:
attagalAlternative spelling of attagirl.Rate it:
attagirlUsed to show encouragement or approval to a girl or woman. Female version of attaboy.Rate it:
attend toTo serve; to satisfy someone's needs as a servant would; to wait on.Rate it:
attend toTo diligently work on; to pay attention to.Rate it:
attention whoreAn individual that routinely solicits attention through inappropriate tactics and provocationRate it:
attention whoreTo seek attention through inappropriate means or to an excessive degree.Rate it:
attic saltpointed and delicate wit.Rate it:
au faitfully informed;Rate it:
auction offTo sell something at an auction.Rate it:
audi alteram partem"Hear both sides." A legal principle of fairness given to ensure that the accused has the chance to refute an accusation.Rate it:
auld lang syneDays gone by; former times.Rate it:
aunt floColloquialism for the time of a month when a woman is menstruating.Rate it:
aunt fuckerMotherfucker (generic term of abuse).Rate it:
aunt fuckerUsed other than as an idiom: see aunt, fucker.Rate it:
aunt sallya figure drawing criticism or ridicule; a straw man.Rate it:
autem bawlerA parson.Rate it:
autem cacklerDissenters of every denomination.Rate it:
autem dipperAnabaptist.Rate it:
autem diverPickpockets who practice in churches; also churchwardens and overseers of the poor.Rate it:
autem goglerPretended French prophet.Rate it:
autem mortA married woman; also a female beggar with several children hired or borrowed to excite charity.Rate it:
autem quaverQuaker.Rate it:
auto fill formEnter information into fields. Save information for future useRate it:
autumn romanceA romantic relationship which occurs in a later stage of life.Rate it:
avant la lettreAn example of a term before the term was coined. Describing a term used anachronistically.Rate it:
avast there!Attention all hands!Rate it:
average bearThe norm; an average person; Used in comparisonsRate it:
average joeAlternative spelling of average Joe.Rate it:
average outTo acquire a specified average value as more instances occur.Rate it:
average upto calculate an average or rough figure.Rate it:
avoid like the plagueTo shun, or evade if at all possible.Rate it:
avoir du pois layStealing brass weights off the counters of shops.Rate it:
aw14Autumn/Winter 2014 - used in the fashion industry to mean the designer's autumn/winder collection.Rate it:
await prince charmingFemales who seem not interested in the company of men and possible marriage offer many reasons, explanations, excuses and apologies.Rate it:
AWALTInitialism of All Women Are Like ThatRate it:
away gameAn athletic contest played in the opposing team's geographic area.Rate it:

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