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attend toTo diligently work on; to pay attention to.Rate it:
attention whoreAn individual that routinely solicits attention through inappropriate tactics and provocationRate it:
attention whoreTo seek attention through inappropriate means or to an excessive degree.Rate it:
attic saltpointed and delicate wit.Rate it:
au faitfully informed;Rate it:
auction offTo sell something at an auction.Rate it:
audi alteram partem"Hear both sides." A legal principle of fairness given to ensure that the accused has the chance to refute an accusation.Rate it:
auld lang syneDays gone by; former times.Rate it:
aunt floColloquialism for the time of a month when a woman is menstruating.Rate it:
aunt fuckerMotherfucker (generic term of abuse).Rate it:
aunt fuckerUsed other than as an idiom: see aunt, fucker.Rate it:
aunt sallya figure drawing criticism or ridicule; a straw man.Rate it:
autem bawlerA parson.Rate it:
autem cacklerDissenters of every denomination.Rate it:
autem dipperAnabaptist.Rate it:
autem diverPickpockets who practice in churches; also churchwardens and overseers of the poor.Rate it:
autem goglerPretended French prophet.Rate it:
autem mortA married woman; also a female beggar with several children hired or borrowed to excite charity.Rate it:
autem quaverQuaker.Rate it:
auto fill formEnter information into fields. Save information for future useRate it:
autumn romanceA romantic relationship which occurs in a later stage of life.Rate it:
avant la lettreAn example of a term before the term was coined. Describing a term used anachronistically.Rate it:
avast there!Attention all hands!Rate it:
average bearThe norm; an average person; Used in comparisonsRate it:
average joeAlternative spelling of average Joe.Rate it:
average outTo acquire a specified average value as more instances occur.Rate it:
average upto calculate an average or rough figure.Rate it:
avoid like the plagueTo shun, or evade if at all possible.Rate it:
avoir du pois layStealing brass weights off the counters of shops.Rate it:
aw14Autumn/Winter 2014 - used in the fashion industry to mean the designer's autumn/winder collection.Rate it:
await prince charmingFemales who seem not interested in the company of men and possible marriage offer many reasons, explanations, excuses and apologies.Rate it:
AWALTInitialism of All Women Are Like ThatRate it:
away gameAn athletic contest played in the opposing team's geographic area.Rate it:
away with the fairiesNot with it, dreaming, not all there.Rate it:
awesome sauceUsed other than as an idiom: see awesome, sauce.Rate it:
awesome sauceThe essence of awesomeness.Rate it:
awesome sauceSomething which is awesome, cool or spectacular.Rate it:
Ax to GrindTo have some selfish reasons to say or do something, to get a favor from another person greedilyRate it:
ay up me duckA generic greeting.Rate it:
AYBABTUInitialism of all your base are belong to us.Rate it:
aye aye, sirThe correct and seamanlike reply, onboard a Royal Navy (or U.S. Navy) ship, on receipt of an order from someone of senior rank or authority. It means "I understand the command and hasten to comply with the order."Rate it:
AYTInitialism of are you there? : a telnet command sequence sent from client to server to verify that the connection is still active.Rate it:

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