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and thatAnd the others; used after a name to denote the friends or social group of that person.Rate it:
and the horse you rode in onIntensifier.Rate it:
and the horse you rode in onEuphemistic shortening of "fuck you and the horse you rode in on"Rate it:
and the likeAnd other similar items.Rate it:
and then someUsed to confirm preceding utterance, while implying that what was said or asked is an understatement.Rate it:
and then there were nonean eliminationRate it:
and whatnotAnd so on; et ceteraRate it:
and your little dog tooA statement that not only will the person being addressed be punished but their conspirators will also.Rate it:
angapooay problemaNo ProblemRate it:
angel passesUsed to denote an awkward pause.Rate it:
angel's advocateSomeone who sees what's good about an idea and supports it.Rate it:
angle forTo try to obtain something by subtle indirect means. Political manoeuvres, suggestion, etc.Rate it:
angle for farthingsTo beg out of a prison window with a cap, or box, let down at the end of a long string.Rate it:
angle of attackUsed other than as an idiom: see angle, attack.Rate it:
angle of attackThe angle between the chord line of an airfoil and the airflow over it; one of the determiners of the amount of lift produced by an airfoil.Rate it:
angle of attackThe angle between a mid-sail and the direction of the wind.Rate it:
ankle sockshosieryRate it:
another country heard fromAlternative form of another county heard fromRate it:
another day, another dollaran expression recognizing a balance in life, normalcy, and routinenessRate it:
another nail in one's coffinOne in a series of factors which lead, or purport to lead, to downfall.Rate it:
another one in the rowBeing normal/like anybody else/ nothing special, you are another person in the row youre not extraordinary one way or anotherRate it:
another string to one's bowAnother skill, ability or resource when one fails.Rate it:
answer backTo reply impertinently; to talk back.Rate it:
answer backTo reply to a question at a later time.Rate it:
answer backTo issue echo characters, protocol responses, reflexive connection requests, etc.Rate it:
answer forTo be held responsible for.Rate it:
answer forTo guarantee.Rate it:
answer for!be held accountable FOR your sins!"'; 'to be responsible for the results, the outcome, the success or failure thereof!Rate it:
answer on a postcardTo give a brief answer or opinion.Rate it:
answer toUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see answer,‎ to.Rate it:
answer toTo be accountable or responsible to; to account to; to report to.Rate it:
answer toTo justify oneself to.Rate it:
answer toTo respond to; to treat as one's own name.Rate it:
ante into ante upRate it:
ante upTo contribute one's share of a payment, or to pay what is dueRate it:
ante upTo pay a fee necessary to play a game, typically a card gameRate it:
ants in my pantsBe extremely restless, uneasy, impatient, or anxious.Rate it:
ants in one's pantsTo be agitated and constantly fidgeting.Rate it:
ants in one's pantsTo be sexually excited.Rate it:
Ants in Your PantsIntensively restless, extraordinary activeRate it:
any fule knoAny fool knows; it is well known.Rate it:
any more for any moreDoes anybody have, or want, any more?Rate it:
any nook or crannyAny part of a place; anywhere.Rate it:
any oldUsed other than as an idiom: see any, old.Rate it:
any oldAny, absolutely any, any typical, a run-of-the-mill.Rate it:
any old nook or crannyAlternative form of any nook or cranny.Rate it:
any old thinganything at allRate it:
any other businessThe last item on the agenda for a meeting, when any matter not already dealt with may be raised. Abbreviations: a.o.b., AOB.Rate it:
any port in a stormAn unfavourable option which might well be avoided in good times but which nevertheless looks better than the alternatives at the current time.Rate it:
any press is good pressBeing mentioned in the media is beneficial to the subject because it gets publicity.Rate it:

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