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leadSheets or plates of lead used as a covering for roofs.Rate it:
leadTo estimate velocity in knots.Rate it:
leadUsed in pencils.Rate it:
leadVertical space in advance of a row or between rows of text. Also known as leading.Rate it:
lead a charmed lifeTo always be lucky and safe from danger.Rate it:
lead astrayTo cause to believe an untruth.Rate it:
lead astrayTo misguide or misdirect.Rate it:
lead astrayTo influence to have bad habits or to behave improperly or illegallyRate it:
lead by the noseTo cause to follow blindly.Rate it:
lead down a garden pathTo mislead; to seduce.Rate it:
lead inAlternative form of lead-inRate it:
lead nowhereTo have no purpose, to result in nothing.Rate it:
lead offThe first batter in the batting order.Rate it:
lead offThe first batter of an inning.Rate it:
lead offThe short distance that a player stands away from their current base.Rate it:
lead onto mislead, to try to make someone believe a lie.Rate it:
lead onto encourage with the illusion of a romantic relationship.Rate it:
lead outA race tactic, used to set up a rider for a sprint finish, in which one rider on a team will ride at a very high rate of speed with a teammate following directly behind in his slipstream thus enabling the following rider to gain speed without expending as much energy as he normally would. See drafting.Rate it:
lead someone down the garden pathTo deceive, hoodwink.Rate it:
lead the lineTo play as centre forward.Rate it:
lead timeThe amount of time between the initiation of some process and its completion, e.g. the time required to manufacture or procure a product; the time required before something can be provided or delivered.Rate it:
lead up toTo set in motion; to act as a causal or preparatory event or sequence of events.Rate it:
lead up toTo precede in time.Rate it:
lead up toTo follow or mark a path toward.Rate it:
lead with one's chinTo leave one's chin unprotected.Rate it:
lead with one's chinTo behave without caution; to make oneself vulnerable.Rate it:
Lead You by the NoseTo have a control over someone, to be in authorityRate it:
leader of the free worldThe President of the United States.Rate it:
leading ladystarring actressRate it:
leading lightAn acclaimed expert, one of the foremost experts, a luminary.Rate it:
leading manprinciple male actorRate it:
leaf outTo open its buds.Rate it:
leaf throughRapidly reading short sections at random.Rate it:
leak outTo come out of, because of a leakRate it:
leak outto be revealed (especially, of information intended to be kept secret)Rate it:
lean and meanEfficient because of having nothing in excess of what is needed, and single-minded in one's objective.Rate it:
lean inTo shift one's weight forward; to lean forward or towards something.Rate it:
lean inTo proactively take charge of a situation; to be bold in exerting one's will in a situation.Rate it:
lean intoTo accept something negative but unchangeable; to find a way to benefit from, or alleviate the harm of, risk, uncertainty and difficult situations.Rate it:
lean onTo apply pressure on.Rate it:
lean onTo depend upon for support.Rate it:
lean toshedRate it:
lean towardsTo favor in a decision.Rate it:
leap to mindTo appear in one's thoughts.Rate it:
leap yearPeriod of 366 daysRate it:
leaped at the oppotunityjumped at the chanceRate it:
leaps and boundsDramatic improvements.Rate it:
leaps and boundsConsiderably; significantly.Rate it:
learn by heartTo memorize.Rate it:
least said, soonest mendedHurt feelings are most quickly healed by not discussing the event giving rise to the hurt.Rate it:

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