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lay hands onTo find, obtain or procure.Rate it:
lay hold ofTo seize; catch; apprehend.Rate it:
lay hold ofTo obtain.Rate it:
lay inTo lay by, to saveRate it:
lay intoTo beat up.Rate it:
lay intoTo berate; to scold.Rate it:
lay it on meTo inform; let me know what is going on.Rate it:
lay it on the lineTo state something, for example an ultimatum, strongly and clearly.Rate it:
lay it on thickTo exaggerate or overstate a feeling or emotion.Rate it:
lay it on thickTo flatter.Rate it:
lay it on thickTo guilt, guilt-trip.Rate it:
lay it outTo explain thoroughly; to discuss both sides completely.Rate it:
lay lowTo remain hidden or to hide oneself.Rate it:
lay lowTo knock out; to cause to fall.Rate it:
lay lowTo hide; keep a low profile.Rate it:
lay oddsTo offer a bet in which one stands more to lose than the opponent; or a bet in some other way favourable to the opponent.Rate it:
lay oddsTo feel certain about something.Rate it:
lay of the landThe physical characteristics of the terrain or surrounding natural environment.Rate it:
lay of the landThe trends, feelings, intentions, and other factors influencing a strategic, political, or social situation.Rate it:
lay offFrom employment, e.g. at a time of low business volume, often with a severance package.Rate it:
lay offTo place all or part of a bet with another bookmaker in order to reduce risk.Rate it:
lay offAlone.Rate it:
lay offmade redundantRate it:
lay onprovide;Rate it:
lay on the lineTo state strongly, clearly, and accurately.Rate it:
lay on the lineTo risk.Rate it:
lay opento discloseRate it:
lay openIn Japan and South Korea, to publish a patent for initial public review, prior to the formal application for registration.Rate it:
lay openrevealRate it:
lay outTo arrange in a certain way.Rate it:
lay outexpend moneyRate it:
lay overTo make an intermediary stop somewhere.Rate it:
lay rubberTo accelerate so rapidly from standstill that it leaves a mark of burnt rubber on the road from the tire.Rate it:
lay something at the feet ofTo assign responsibility for (something) to (someone).Rate it:
lay the groundworkTo create a foundation; to provide the basics or fundamentals.Rate it:
lay the pipeTo have penetrative sex with a woman.Rate it:
lay toTo turn towards the wind so that the boat stopsRate it:
lay to restTo bury one who has died.Rate it:
lay upTo store; to put by.Rate it:
lay upTo disable.Rate it:
lay upTo take out of active service.Rate it:
lay upTo go out of active service.Rate it:
lay your cards on the tableTo be ​honest about ​your ​feelings and ​intentions.Rate it:
Lay Your Cards on the TableTo be open in discussing plans and facts, to reveal something candidly to someoneRate it:
laze aboutto do nothing in particular, be idle.Rate it:
laze aroundto do nothing in particular, be idle.Rate it:
leadA roof covered with lead sheets or terne plates.Rate it:
leadA thin strip of type metal, used to separate lines of type in printing.Rate it:
leadBullets.Rate it:
leadI would have the tower two stories, and goodly leads upon the top. — Bacon.Rate it:

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