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la goutte d'eau qui fait d%c3%a9border le vaseThe drop of water that makes the vase overflow.Rate it:
la goutte d'eau qui fait d%c3%a9border le vaseThe final thing that is too much and forces a reaction; the straw that broke the camel's back.Rate it:
lab ratA student or employee who spends a great deal of time working in a laboratory.Rate it:
lab ratA person or group used as the subject of an experiment or test, especially unwillingly or unwittingly.Rate it:
labor of loveA task performed voluntarily without expectation of reimbursement; an altruistic work or undertaking.Rate it:
Labour of LoveTo do something free of money, work done for love and pleasure, not for the sake of moneyRate it:
labour of loveUK spelling of labor of love.Rate it:
lace intoTo vigorously attack, either physically or verbally.Rate it:
lace intoTo consume with gusto.Rate it:
lace upTo fasten the laces of something.Rate it:
laced-upFastened with a lace.Rate it:
laced-upFixed in the sprockets of the projector.Rate it:
laced-upRestrained; uptight.Rate it:
laced-upReady for a fight.Rate it:
ladies and gentlemenUsed to address an audience.Rate it:
ladies firstA phrase encouraging polite gentlemanliness, allowing the ladies to go before the men.Rate it:
ladies manAlternative spelling of lady's man.Rate it:
ladies' loungeUsed other than as an idiom: see lady, lounge.Rate it:
ladies' loungeA room in a pub or hotel, separate from the main drinking area, in which drinks are served; originally a place for women to drink in when not welcome or not comfortable in the traditionally male-oriented public bar, and latterly a more genteel area than the public bar. Rate it:
ladies' manAlternative spelling of lady's man.Rate it:
lady abbessA bawd, the mistress of a brothel.Rate it:
lady gardenA woman's pubic hair, and the area around it.Rate it:
lady of the nightProstitute.Rate it:
lady or tigerA pure gamble with highly divergent outcomes.Rate it:
lady's manA man who attracts women and enjoys their company.Rate it:
lady's manA womanizer.Rate it:
lager loutsdrunken hooligansRate it:
LAGNAFAcronym of let's all get naked and fuck.Rate it:
laid one onGot drunk.Rate it:
lame brainA slow person; someone who is slow to understand a task.Rate it:
Lame DuckAbout to retire, in the last days of his or her jobRate it:
lame jokeAn attempt at humor which is perceived to have been used previously to the point of being cliche, or was never funny to begin with.Rate it:
land a windfallTo win a valuable prize, become an heir to a cash legacy, experience a valuable one of a kind item dropped in your lap.Rate it:
land of opportunityA nickname for the United States.Rate it:
land of plentyA utopia that provides for all one's needsRate it:
land on one's feetTo be lucky, or successful, often in difficult situations.Rate it:
land poorIn a condition of poverty as a result of inability to meet tax payments or other financial requirements for one's land holdings.Rate it:
land upTo end up; to arrive or result, especially if it is not planned.Rate it:
landing gearaircraft's undercarriageRate it:
landing stripA cultivated pubic hair pattern in which much of the pubic hair is removed, leaving only a central vertical line or rectangle.Rate it:
landing stripA runway for aircraft, especially one which is auxiliary or temporary.Rate it:
lands preservedstatement placed on signs or in newspaper ads, advising that hunting or shooting is not permitted on the property.Rate it:
lang may yer lum reekUsed to wish someone well.Rate it:
lap dogA small dog, kept as household pet, whose light weight and companionable temperament make it both suited and disposed to spend time resting in the comfort of its master's lap; a dog bred to behave in this manner.Rate it:
lap dogA person who behaves in a servile manner, such as a sycophantic employee or a fawning lover.Rate it:
lap of luxuryA position or situation in which one is spoiled and indulged.Rate it:
lap upTo consume by lapping.Rate it:
lap upTo revel in, to overtly enjoy.Rate it:
lapsed academicA person formerly employed as a professor or researcher in a university or other institution of higher education, especially one who no longer attempts to remain current in his or her former academic field.Rate it:
Lard-OilAn oil from pork-fat-'LARD' whose viscosity was regulated according to environment in which it was utilized. The oil used in Railroad Switchman's signal-lanterns.Rate it:

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