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load upto give a load toRate it:
load upto get a loadRate it:
load upto fully load (a weapon)Rate it:
loaded diceUsed other than as an idiom: see loaded, dice.Rate it:
loaded diceAn advantage obtained by manipulating rules or insider influence.Rate it:
loaded for bearMentally prepared for a daunting situation or confrontation.Rate it:
loaded for bearThoroughly equipped, as for a demanding task or confrontation.Rate it:
loaded languagelanguage using words, set phrases or idioms that have strong positive or negative connotations beyond their ordinary definitions.Rate it:
loaded to the gillsDrunk outa His Mind; Drunk as a Skunk Depression Daze Expression By; H.C.BeachRate it:
loaded wordAny word, set phrase or idiom that has strong positive or negative connotations beyond their ordinary definition.Rate it:
loaf aboutto do nothing in particular, be idle.Rate it:
loaf aroundto do nothing in particular, be idle.Rate it:
loan sharkunprincipled moneylenderRate it:
lock awayTo lock up; to lock in a safe place, out of view.Rate it:
lock hornsTo come into conflict.Rate it:
lock inAlternative form of lock-inRate it:
lock lipsTo kiss on the lips; to engage in a French kiss.Rate it:
lock onto automatically track a targetRate it:
lock onhave a missile track a targetRate it:
lock outAn event in which an employer bars employees from working as a tactic in negotiating terms of employment, particularly in response to a strike or threat to strike.Rate it:
Lock the Barn Door after the Horse is OutTo be become more conscious in doing something when it is already too late, to give useless try to somethingRate it:
lock upTo imprison or incarcerate someone.Rate it:
lock upTo invest in something long term.Rate it:
lock upTo close all doors and windows of a place securely.Rate it:
lock upTo cease responding, to freeze.Rate it:
lock, stock and barrelA thing in its entirety, with nothing omitted.Rate it:
Lock, Stock, and BarrelTo mean the whole thingRate it:
locker room humorA type of humor involving jokes about crude and sexual topics.Rate it:
log inTo gain access to a computer system, usually by providing a previously agreed upon username and password.Rate it:
log offTo depart from conversation; to say goodbye.Rate it:
log offTo log out.Rate it:
log onTo log in.Rate it:
log onTo visit a Web site; construed with to.Rate it:
log outTo exit an account in a computer system so that it doesn't recognize you until you log in again.Rate it:
lolTo laugh out loud.Rate it:
lone gunmanAn individual person who acts on his or her own initiative, without partners, especially one who has sole responsibility for doing something questionable, confidential, or iniquitous.Rate it:
lone itTo go alone.Rate it:
lone wolfAn independent person; someone who has an 'independent' streak.Rate it:
long absent, soon forgottenLove fades away when people are distant and don't keep close physical contact.Rate it:
long ago and far awayIn the distant past, years and years ago.Rate it:
long armA pole tool used for handling things too far away to reach.Rate it:
long armInfluence, far-reaching power.Rate it:
long arm of the lawThe influence or effectiveness of law enforcement institutions; law enforcement officers collectively.Rate it:
long as my armVery long.Rate it:
long drinkAny drink containing more than 5 ounces of liquid and less than 9 ounces. Typically, a long drink will have lots of ice and mixer.Rate it:
long fingerA state of postponement or procrastination.Rate it:
long fingerMiddle finger.Rate it:
long finger[hire purchase]] or credit.Rate it:
long forTo have a desire for; to yearn for; to crave for; to pine for; to hanker forRate it:
long forTo miss someoneRate it:

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