Found 23 phrases starting with LU:

lube upTo cover or coat in lubricant.Rate it:
lubrication paymentA bribe or extorted money, usually relatively small in amount, provided to a low-level government official or business person, in order to expedite a business decision, shipment, or other transaction, especially in a country where such payments are not unusual.Rate it:
luck inTo experience good luck; to be fortunate or lucky.Rate it:
luck intoto find by chance, to chance uponRate it:
luck of the drawThe random production of favorable or unfavorable results; chance.Rate it:
luck of the drawA selection rife with low odds of winning. A game of chance. Luck associated with one's propensity for winning.Rate it:
luck outTo experience great luck; to be extremely fortunate or lucky.Rate it:
luck outTo have run out of luck.Rate it:
lucky breakA stroke of luck; a fortunate event, particularly of the sort that propels one to success, fame, etc.Rate it:
lucky devilsomeone with astounding good luck.Rate it:
lucky dipA game in which prizes are covered up and mixed together in a container, so that contestants can dip their hand into the container and randomly pull out a prize.Rate it:
lucky dipA selection solely at random.Rate it:
lucky dipSeptember 2005, BBC News - Dome sale 'was like a lucky dip'.Rate it:
lucky dogsomeone with astounding good luck.Rate it:
lucky ducklingSynonym of lucky duckRate it:
lucky starSomething that appears to give a person luckRate it:
luff upTo turn towards the wind so that the sails flapRate it:
lump in one's throatA feeling of emotional sadness. On the point of crying.Rate it:
lump itTo endure, accept, put up with a situation one does not like.Rate it:
lump sumSingle Payment; no further payments dueRate it:
lump to one's throatA feeling of emotional sadness. On the point of crying.Rate it:
lump togetherTo put different items or groups together and treat them, or think of them as one single group.Rate it:
lunatics have taken over the asylumSaid of a situation in which those in charge are incapable of handling their responsibilities, and should rather be put under scrutiny themselves.Rate it:

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