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let your hair downTo relaxRate it:
let's be having youExpression to encourage someone to hurry up and move somewhere.Rate it:
let's get in onTo get started; get going.Rate it:
let's get the party startedLet's start having fun.Rate it:
let's get the party startedLet's go; let's get this done; let's start more intense action.Rate it:
let's get this party startedAlternative form of let's get the party startedRate it:
let's gohortative of to go.Rate it:
let's goHurry up, be quick.Rate it:
let's golet's fight, bring it onRate it:
let's motivateTo depart; get moving.Rate it:
let's not and say we didIndicates that the speaker does not agree with a proposed action of a group, and does not wish to participate.Rate it:
let's rollUsed to suggest that an action should begin.Rate it:
let's seeused as a filled pause to indicating thinking or pondering, but allowing hearer to participateRate it:
let-downA disappointment or anticlimax.Rate it:
letters after one's nameA list of abbreviations, separated by commas, representing the academic qualifications and civil or military honours achieved by a person.Rate it:
level bestThe very best that one can do.Rate it:
level offto get to a stable level, to cease oscillatingRate it:
level outTo become even.Rate it:
level outTo cause to be even.Rate it:
level upTo progress to the next level of player character stats and abilities. Often used in role-playing games when the character has aquired enough experience points.Rate it:
level-headedSensible; rational; possessing sound judgment.Rate it:
lex dubia non obligat(law) A doubtful law is not binding.Rate it:
lez outChiefly of a heterosexual woman, to engage in lesbian activityRate it:
LGTMInitialism of looks good to me.Rate it:
liar liar pants on fireused to taunt a liarRate it:
libel chillUneasiness or unwillingness to speak publicly or to write about a matter, as a result of the threat or suggestion of legal action should one do so.Rate it:
licence to print moneyA means of generating a large income with little effort.Rate it:
licence to print moneyThe authority to print money, usually given to a central bank exclusively as the issuer of currency.Rate it:
lick and a promiseThe hasty or incomplete performance of a task.Rate it:
lick his bootsTo try too hard to please someone important.Rate it:
lick into shapeTo exert considerable effort to change something or someone into a desired state.Rate it:
lick my ballsSynonym of suck my ballsRate it:
lick one's chopsTo anticipate something eagerly.Rate it:
lick one's chopsTo look forward avidly to eating something.Rate it:
lick one's chopsTo use one's tongue to remove moistness from the sides of one's mouth, as when salivating or at the conclusion of a meal.Rate it:
lick one's woundsHe's just off licking his wounds. He'll be back to try again.Rate it:
lick one's woundsTo withdraw temporarily while recovering from a defeat.Rate it:
lick outTo perform cunnilingus on.Rate it:
lick someone's assTo flatter someone (especially a superior) in an obsequious manner, and to support their every opinionRate it:
lick someone's assUsed other than as an idiom. to perform anilingus on someoneRate it:
lick someone's ballsTo act in a subservient manner; to suck up to.Rate it:
lick the pants offTo thoroughly and decisively defeat someone, either in a physical fight or, figuratively, in a competition.Rate it:
lick upTo consume something by first licking it from a surface.Rate it:
lickety-splitA mad rush; right now!; in this instant:Rate it:
licky-lickycunnilingusRate it:
lie aroundTo do nothing in particular; to be idle.Rate it:
lie aroundTo be in an unknown place.Rate it:
lie backTo lie down from a sitting positionRate it:
lie backTo relax, to exert less effortRate it:
lie back and think of england. "think of England" refers to the importance of children.Rate it:

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