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put throughTo pass the ball to (someone) giving them a one-on-one scoring opportunity.Rate it:
put through its pacesTo test completely; to exercise the full range of abilities or functions.Rate it:
put through the mangleAlternative form of put through the wringer.Rate it:
put through the wringerTo interrogate or scrutinize closely; to subject to some trial or ordeal.Rate it:
put toTo ask or pose a question, or make a proposal.Rate it:
put to bedTo help someone, for example a child, go to bedRate it:
put to bedTo prepare a newspaper for printingRate it:
put to bedTo finalise the result, seal a win.Rate it:
put to bedTo dispel.Rate it:
put to bed with a shovelTo bury (someone).Rate it:
put to the swordTo execute, especially by using a sword.Rate it:
put to the swordTo severely defeat.Rate it:
put to the testTo test something or someone; to evaluate, scrutinize or explore by testing or experimentation.Rate it:
put to useto use; to utilise; to applyRate it:
put to workto put to useRate it:
put to workGive a job; Force to workRate it:
put togetherTo assemble, construct, or build.Rate it:
put two and two togetherTo figure out; to deduce or discern.Rate it:
put upto buildRate it:
put upTo place in a high location.Rate it:
put upTo hang or mount.Rate it:
put upTo cajole or dare to do something.Rate it:
put upTo store away.Rate it:
put upTo house, shelter, or take in.Rate it:
put upTo present, especially in "put up a fight".Rate it:
put up one's dukesPrepare to fight; literally, to raise your fists.Rate it:
put up or shut upDesist from saying something unless one is able to prove it.Rate it:
put up toTo encourage or trick to perform an action which is foolish or wrong.Rate it:
put up withTo tolerate, suffer through, or allow, esp. something annoying.Rate it:
put upontake advantage ofRate it:
put wool over one's eyesdeceive someoneRate it:
put words in somebody's mouthTo attribute to somebody something he or she did not say; to claim inaccurately that somebody said or intended something.Rate it:
put words in someone's mouthTo say or imply that someone has said something which he or she did not precisely or directly say.Rate it:
put words in someone's mouthTo encourage or induce someone to appear to assert something by asking a leading question or by otherwise manipulating him or her.Rate it:
Put Your Best Foot ForwardTo leave the perfect first impression, to try your best to do somethingRate it:
Put Your Finger on SomethingTo be accurate in pointing out something, to precisely recognize or recall somethingRate it:
Put Your Foot DownTo be rigid, strict and resolute about something, to be unyielding about a certain ruleRate it:
Put Your Foot in Your MouthTo become trouble maker by uttering wrong words at wrong time, to put yourself into problem with your blundersRate it:
put your hands togetherClap; applaud.Rate it:
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth isTo have belief in giving your money for, to invest in something you have favor and supportRate it:
put your money where your mouth isPractice what you preach.Rate it:
put your money where your mouth isTalk is cheap. If the proponent of the venture is so confident, remind him: Better put your money where your mouth is!Rate it:
Put Your Shoulder to the WheelTo work really hard for something, making great effort to accomplish somethingRate it:
put-up jobAn attempt to trick, deceive, or con someone.Rate it:
put-up or shut up!Agree to pay-up, agree fully and forthwith to cooperate, join, invest oneself or funds or chattels.Rate it:
putter aroundTo engage in meaningless activity.Rate it:
putting on airsAct like the master of.Rate it:
putty in someone's handsOne who is readily manipulated or controlled by another person.Rate it:
puzzle outTo figure out; to discover or find a solution to.Rate it:

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