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have someone goingTo temporarily convince someone of a falsehood.Rate it:
have someone goingTo cause someone to be excited, aroused, or upset.Rate it:
have someone on toastTo have somebody in one's power, or in a compromising or helpless position.Rate it:
have someone's backTo be prepared and willing to support or defend (someone).Rate it:
have someone's blood on one's headTo be responsible for someone's death, pain, or misfortune.Rate it:
have someone's guts for gartersTo reprimand severely.Rate it:
have someone's hideTo punish or subdue someone.Rate it:
have someone's numberTo understand a person's character, capabilities, or situation.Rate it:
have something down patTo know something or be able to do something perfectly. Be perfect master of something.Rate it:
have something to eatTo eat anything.Rate it:
have the biscuitTo be of no further use; to be near death.Rate it:
have the bluesTo be depressed, to have a low morale.Rate it:
have the floorTo have permission or time to speak, especially in a formal situation.Rate it:
have the foggiestTo know, understand or have a clue.Rate it:
have the hots forTo be attracted (sexually or romantically) to (someone).Rate it:
have the last laughTo be vindicated; to triumph despite predicted failure; to find success after defeat or setback.Rate it:
have the run ofTo have permission or freedom to move around throughout an area or to use something at will.Rate it:
have the tiger by the tailTo be in a difficult or dangerous situation in which one ideally should not remain, but from which one cannot withdraw.Rate it:
have the time of one's lifeTo enjoy oneself immensely.Rate it:
have the time of one's lifeTo enjoy oneself more than ever before.Rate it:
have the time of your lifeThe experience, situation, developments, surprises, unexpected legacy, unusual positive actions from your friends, relatives, employers.Rate it:
have the wind upTo be frightened or disturbed.Rate it:
have the wolf by the earTo be in a difficult situation - a dangerous situation from which one cannot disengage, but in which one cannot safely remain.Rate it:
have the world by the tailTo possess great influence and opportunity.Rate it:
have tickets on oneselfTo be conceited.Rate it:
have time on one's sideTo not be rushed; to have plenty of time to do somethingRate it:
have toMust; need to; to be required to. Indicates obligation.Rate it:
have toMust.Rate it:
have to doTo relate; to be relevant.Rate it:
have to do withSee "have to do".Rate it:
have to do with the price of fishvariant of have to do with the price of tea in ChinaRate it:
have to do with the price of tea in chinaTo have any relation or bearing whatsoever on the topic at hand, usually used to emphasize the lack of relationship of a non sequitur.Rate it:
have truck withTo have dealings with.Rate it:
have upTo accuse, arrest, try for a criminal act.Rate it:
have wordsTo argue, to have an argument.Rate it:
have wordsTo speak sternly, angrily, or in an argumentative manner to.Rate it:
have you got the timeSynonym of what time is itRate it:
Have Your Cake and Eat It TooTo have something both ways, to have something in possession and be able to exploit or use itRate it:
Have Your Heart in Your MouthTo have a feeling of extreme fear, be too afraid of somethingRate it:
have your wrist slappedThis expression indicates a minor objection, reprimand, correction, censoring, indicting for a misdemeanor.Rate it:
having a good run of itWhen something is going or has gone really well.Rate it:
having a hissy-fitDisplaying disappointment over trivial matters, moaning, groaning over imagined or contrived insignificant slights.Rate it:
Hawaiian gooseThe nene, Branta sandvicensis.Rate it:
Hawaiian gooseUsed other than as an idiom: see Hawaiian, goose.Rate it:
hay is for horsessaid as a retort to someone saying hey, used to indicate that the speaker disapproves of the usage of the word "hey", perhaps due to a dislike of informal speech.Rate it:
hazard a guessTo make a guess; to guess.Rate it:
haze overTo become covered in haze.Rate it:
he could be her fatherOne could be someone's parent, said of a man older than a woman.Rate it:
he is always going off at a tangentHe always changes from a topic to another irrelevant oneRate it:
he looked like a dying calf in a hail storm.When someone looks ill.Rate it:

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