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hard pressedHaving or likely to have difficulty or to find a task almost impossible.Rate it:
hard shouldermortorway shopping areaRate it:
hard yardsThe key effort in completing a difficult taskRate it:
hard-and-fastStrictly maintained.Rate it:
hard-heartedunfeelingRate it:
hard-nosedGuided by practical experience and observation rather than by theory.Rate it:
hard-nosedHardheaded.Rate it:
hard-nosedguided by practical experience and observation rather than by theoryRate it:
hard-nosedhardheaded, stubbornRate it:
hard-pressedBarely able. Having difficulty doing something.Rate it:
hard-pressedExperiencing financial difficulty or difficulty in surviving.Rate it:
hardballIn baseball, a type of ball and baseball game, as opposed to softball.Rate it:
hardenTo become hard.Rate it:
hardenTo become or make a thing resistant or less sensitive.Rate it:
harden someone's heartTo make someone more resistant to something.Rate it:
hardwiredDesigned to perform a specific task.Rate it:
hardwiredIn humans and animals, genetically determined, instinctive behavior, as opposed to learned behavior.Rate it:
hardwiredNot changeable.Rate it:
hardwiredOf devices, closely or tightly coupled.Rate it:
hark backOf hounds, to retrace a course in order to pick up a lost scent.Rate it:
hark backTo return or revert, to allude to, to evoke, to long or pine for.Rate it:
harken backAlternative form of hearken backRate it:
harp onTo nag about; to complain incessantly or persistently request; to continue to bring up as a point of contention.Rate it:
harp on one stringTo dwell on a single subject with disagreeable or wearisome persistence.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowDisturbing someone otherwise in a state of calm.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo annoy or irritate; to bother.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo get on one's nerves.Rate it:
harsh one's mellowTo make someone feel bad emotionally.Rate it:
has-beenA formerly popular or influential person whose popularity or effectiveness has peaked and is now in decline. Typically said of professionals or celebrities whose primary success is behind them.Rate it:
hash outTo work through the details of something; especially to work through difficulties.Rate it:
hash slingerA cook or food server in a cheap restaurant, especially one who is discourteous or inattentive to customers.Rate it:
hasta la vistaSee you later.Rate it:
haste makes wasteOne makes mistakes when being too hasty.Rate it:
hat hairAn accidental messy hairdo resulting from the wearing of a hat.Rate it:
hat in handWith humility; in an apologetic or self-effacing fashion.Rate it:
Hat in HandTo apologize or act humble, to ask for a pardon or a favorRate it:
hatch outTo hatch from an egg.Rate it:
hatchet jobA treatment which serves primarily to disparage its subject; a piece of criticism which aims to destroy a reputation.Rate it:
hatchet manA professional killer.Rate it:
hatchet manSomeone who carries out brutal and unpleasant duties on behalf of another, such as firing dead wood employees.Rate it:
hate abounds, eye's awaken/ still your heart, the grounds only quakin'The cumulative mindset of our human condition and how we affect matter without even realizing it, yet we fail or refuse to see exactly what’s we/you’re doing no matter the consequences.Rate it:
hate onTo feel or act spitefully towards.Rate it:
hate somebody's gutsTo despise; to hate intensely or passionately.Rate it:
hate someone's gutsTo despise; to hate intensely or passionately.Rate it:
hate yaSincerely I hate a person like youRate it:
hateful as a toadvery hatefulRate it:
haters gonna hateCritics' opinions ultimately do not affect you and are unlikely to change, so ignore them.Rate it:
hats offCongratulationsRate it:
haul aroundTo shift to any point of the compass.Rate it:
haul arse!Means 'Hurry-Up!', 'Get it in GearRate it:

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