Found 151 phrases starting with HI:

hi pot, meet kettleUsed to draw attention to hypocrisy. But no-one uses the word.Rate it:
hic rhodus, hic salta(politics) Prove what you can do, here and now.Rate it:
hidden in plain sightSeemingly hidden, but actually not hidden and easy to find.Rate it:
hide and seekchildren's gameRate it:
hide awayTo stash or store something in a secret location.Rate it:
hide awayTo hide, to be hidden.Rate it:
hide in plain sightTo be unnoticeable, by staying visible in a setting that masks presence.Rate it:
hide nor hairA trace, indication, or evidence, especially of a person.Rate it:
hide one's light under a bushelFor a person to keep some talent or skill hidden from other people. The tone is that a person having a talent which they can be proud of ought not hide it.Rate it:
Hide or HairSomething that is not to be seen or found, something or someone who is lost, missing or hidingRate it:
hide outTo hide somewhere.Rate it:
hide the sausageTo have sex.Rate it:
hiding to nothingA situation in which victory has little or no value, but defeat has a huge cost.Rate it:
high and drystrandedRate it:
high and loweverywhereRate it:
high and mightyOverbearingly arrogant; ostentatiously self-important or self-aggrandizing.Rate it:
high and mightyA social or economic group wielding undue power, influence or economic clout.Rate it:
high as a kiteVery much under the influence of drugs, extremely high.Rate it:
high as a kiteA person's internal condition of jubilation, enthusiasm, expectation, apprehension, obvious to others from the person's body language, verbal expressions, demeanor.Rate it:
high cottonThe best of times; a time of well being.Rate it:
high groundA location which is at a relatively high elevation, especially in comparison to the immediate surrounding area.Rate it:
high groundA position of advantage or superiority in a conflict or competition.Rate it:
high horseAn appearance or sense of smug superiority.Rate it:
High HorseTo show in your actions and expressions that you are superior to others, arrogant and haughtyRate it:
high impactThe striking of one thing against another at a high altitude.Rate it:
high jinkstomfooleryRate it:
high noonExactly noon; midday; the middle of the day.Rate it:
high noteThe highest and usually climactic note of a song or composition, especially one that is difficult to reach.Rate it:
high noteSomething's climax or best achievement.Rate it:
high noteUsed other than as an idiom: see high, note.Rate it:
high on the hogWell off; living comfortably or extravagantly.Rate it:
high roadA course of action which is honorable, dignified, or respectable.Rate it:
high roadA main road or highway.Rate it:
high strangenessA quality of being peculiar, bizarre, utterly absurd.Rate it:
high timeA point in time at which something desirable or necessary is considered to be utterly due or even overdue to occur.Rate it:
high timeA very enjoyable or exciting experience or period of time.Rate it:
high wiretightropeRate it:
high-tail itTo hurry or run; often, to flee.Rate it:
higher than a kiteVery much under the influence of drugsRate it:
highflierA person who or a type of aircraft that flies at high elevations.Rate it:
highflierAn ambitious person, especially one who takes risks or has an extravagant lifestyle.Rate it:
hightail itTo hurry or run; often, to flee.Rate it:
highway robberySaid of excessive or exorbitant prices.Rate it:
Highway RobberyA big robbery, to charge heavily for somethingRate it:
hike upTo lift; to tug or pull upwards.Rate it:
hike upTo raise or increase sharply.Rate it:
hill of beansSomething of no importance.Rate it:
hill to die onAn issue to pursue with wholehearted conviction and/or single-minded focus, with little or no regard to the cost.Rate it:
hind titAn inferior source of food or other resources.Rate it:
hindsight is 20/20(idiomatic) In hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset; one is able to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice.Rate it:

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