Found 50 phrases starting with HU:

hub-bubSet of disturbing circumstances, minor riot, loud talking.Rate it:
huckleberryA small round fruit of a dark blue or red color of several plants in the related genera Vaccinium and Gaylussacia.Rate it:
huckleberryA shrub growing this fruit.Rate it:
huckleberryA small amount, as in the phrase huckleberry above a persimmon.Rate it:
huckleberry above a persimmonSomething better than something else.Rate it:
hugs and kissesAn informal way to end a letter, email etc.Rate it:
huh! . . unhhhh!Gutteral, often used, 'juvenile' generated, unspoken nasal/throat- 'grunt' indicating 'NO!', 'Negative'.Rate it:
hulk offTo leave or walk away, especially in an angry or enraged manner, and said especially of large and physically imposing persons or objects.Rate it:
hulk outTo become enraged in an imposing or intimidating manner.Rate it:
hulk outTo gain significant muscle mass from exercise.Rate it:
hullabaloosomething that seems to be of great importance or a big deal that is perhaps unnecessary.Rate it:
hum and hawProcrastinate and take a long time before doing something or taking a decision.Rate it:
human touchThe ability of a person to deal with others in a personable and empathetic way.Rate it:
human touchThe positive qualities of human beings manifested in a place or object.Rate it:
humble pieA pie made from the offal of deer or hog.Rate it:
humble pieHumility, being humble.Rate it:
Humpty DumptyismThe practice of insisting that a word means whatever one wishes it to.Rate it:
hunch overTo slouch, stoop, curl, or lean.Rate it:
hung like a donkeyHaving a large penis.Rate it:
hung like a horseHaving a large penis.Rate it:
hung the moonTo view or be viewed with uncritical or excessive awe, reverence, or infatuation.Rate it:
hunger is a good sauce(dated) Being hungry makes one less concerned about the taste of one's food.1854, Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks, Francis Cowley Burnand, Owen Seaman, Punch, Vol. XXVI, Punch Publications Ltd., page 74:His bread and cheese were somewhat dry, to be sure; his ale had become flat, and considerably warmer than was desirable; but hunger is a good sauce, and thirst is not particular.Rate it:
hunger is the best sauceBeing hungry makes one less concerned about the taste of one's food.Rate it:
hunger is the best spiceWhen one is hungry, anything will taste good.Rate it:
hunger sauceAlluring taste or smell in a food.Rate it:
hungry as a bearvoracious, starved, empty.Rate it:
hungry as a hogVery hungryRate it:
hunker downTo take shelter; to prepare oneself for some eventuality; to focus on a task.Rate it:
hunker downTo stubbornly hold to a position.Rate it:
hunky doryquite satisfactoryRate it:
hunt downTo hunt something and capture or kill it.Rate it:
hunt downTo find with difficulty.Rate it:
hunt outTo track down; to find after searching for a whileRate it:
hunt where the ducks areTo seek opportunities or results in situations or places where they are most likely to be found.Rate it:
hurler on the ditchA person standing on the side of a hurling field issuing (unsolicited and usually unwanted) instructions to the hurlers.Rate it:
hurler on the ditchAn opinionated person who offers (unsolicited and often unwanted) advice on the best way to handle a situation.Rate it:
hurry upTo hurry; to increase the speed of doing something.Rate it:
hurt someone's feelingsTo offend or hurt someone.Rate it:
hush downTo become quiet; to cease making sounds.Rate it:
hush downTo quieten; to make quietRate it:
hush hushsecret, confidentialRate it:
hush moneyMoney given to buy silence, get someone to 'take the fifth'.Rate it:
hush moneya bribe paid to keep something secret.Rate it:
hush upTo become quiet; to cease making sounds.Rate it:
hush upTo keep secret, to prevent from becoming known.Rate it:
hussy upTo dress so as to be more sexually attractive, often applying excessive makeup or wearing revealing clothing.Rate it:
hustle and bustleA large amount of activity and work, usually in a noisy surrounding.Rate it:
hutch upto move slightly, in order to make room for someone; for example to move in a bed to make room for someone else to lie, or to move sideways on on a seat so as to allow someone room to sit and share that same seat.Rate it:
hutch upto share a house or flat with another person, especially due to high rentsRate it:
hutch upto put on a more heterosexual manner, in order to be integrated or accepted; compare ‘butch’Rate it:

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