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button-downConservative; conventional; unimaginative.Rate it:
button-downOf a collar, able to be buttoned down to the shirt, as over a necktie.Rate it:
button-downSerious; staid; businesslike.Rate it:
buttoned-downAlternative form of button-down.Rate it:
buttoned-downAlternative form of button-downRate it:
Buy a Pig in a PokeTo buy something immediately without even examining itRate it:
buy backto purchase something already sold, misplaced, destroyed or given awayRate it:
buy cheap, buy twiceBuying a cheap but inferior product is a false economy since it will need replacement.Rate it:
buy inAlternative spelling of buy-inRate it:
buy intobelieve; accept a craze or fad for valid.Rate it:
buy intoTo buy stocks or shares of (a business).Rate it:
buy offto pay off, convince to refrain etc. by corrupt payment or other serviceRate it:
buy off onTo consent to.Rate it:
buy outTo purchase the entire stock or extent of something.Rate it:
buy outTo purchase the ownership of a company.Rate it:
buy straw hats in winterOf stocks, to buy when both demand and price is low, sell when demand and price is high.Rate it:
buy the farmTo die; often, to die in battle.Rate it:
buy the rumor, sell the factA phrase often cited by stock traders that explains price declines that occur after an anticipated positive event has happened.Rate it:
buy timePurposefully cause a delay to something, in order to achieve something else.Rate it:
buy to letTo purchase a property as in investment, and to let it out for rental instead of living in it.Rate it:
buy upTo buy the whole of, the totality of something.Rate it:
buy upTo buy whatever is available of something.Rate it:
buzz inTo open a remote-controlled door to allow to enter after he/she has sounded the door buzzer.Rate it:
buzz offUsed to tell someone to go away.Rate it:
buzz upTo allow entrance into a building from a higher floor by triggering an electronic lock.Rate it:
by a hair's breadthBy a narrow marginRate it:
by a landslidewith big marginals, with a lotRate it:
by a long shotBy a wide margin; indicates a very big difference or disparity.Rate it:
by all accountsAccording to all available accounts or reports.Rate it:
by all accountsAccording to everything that people have said.Rate it:
by all meansYes certainly; definitely.Rate it:
by and byGradually,after a timeRate it:
by and largeMostly, generally; with few exceptions.Rate it:
by any chancepossibly; perhapsRate it:
by any meansin any manner whatsoever.Rate it:
by any stretch of the imaginationby any means; in any sense; regardless of how one puts or considers itRate it:
by dint ofBy reason of; by means of.Rate it:
by farout and awayRate it:
by farTo a considerably large extent, easily.Rate it:
by guess or by goshat randomRate it:
by halvesPartially, incompletely; inadequately, halfheartedly, shoddily.Rate it:
by handManually; without the use of automation or machines.Rate it:
by heartKnowing completely; as having committed completely to memory.Rate it:
by hook or by crookBy any means possible; one way or another.Rate it:
By Hook or By CrookTo be possible in anyway, in all mannersRate it:
by leaps and boundsRapidly. Said of making progress.Rate it:
by mistakeby accident; without intention to do soRate it:
by no meansCertainly not; definitely not.Rate it:
by no stretch of the imaginationNot by any means; in no sense.Rate it:
by one's lightsAccording to one's understanding.Rate it:

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