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'er indoorsone's wifeRate it:

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(2) cavere (in iure) (Off. 2. 65)to point out what precautions, what formal steps must be taken to insure immunity.Rate it:

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(ad colloquium) admitti (B. C. 3. 57)to obtain an audience of some one.Rate it:

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(de or ex) provincia decedere or simply decedere (vid. sect. II. 4, note Cf. especially...)to leave a province (at the termination of one's term of office).Rate it:

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(de via) decedere alicuimake way for any one.Rate it:

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(de) sententia desistereto give up one's opinion.Rate it:

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(e) somno excitare, dormientem excitareto rouse, wake some one.Rate it:

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a brand new meOne can forge a complete new outlook, launch a personal renaissance by enrolling in self improvement courses or agendas.Rate it:

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a bean counterOne whom keeps track of minute details. One whom counts trivialities and overlooks the major items of the moment.Rate it:

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à beau jeu beau retourOne good turn deserves another.Rate it:

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a big blow hardOne whom exaggerates, over emphasizes personal prowess and accomplishments.Rate it:

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a bird in the hand is worth two in the bushIt is preferable to have a small but certain advantage than a mere potential of a greater one.Rate it:

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a bird of passageSomeone who never stays long in one place; a wanderer, like a swallow which migrates according to season.Rate it:

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a buon renderethank you very much; I owe you oneRate it:

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a cat in gloves catches no miceOne cannot get what one wants by being cautious, one must use aggression to get it.Rate it:

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à chacun son compteTo give every one his due.Rate it:

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à cheval donné on ne regarde pas à la brideOne does not look a gift-horse in the mouth.Rate it:

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à cheval donné on ne regarde pas à la bride (or, à la dent)One does not look a gift-horse in the mouth.Rate it:

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a closed mouth gathers no feetOne who does not speak can be certain he won't say anything embarrassing.Rate it:

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a consilio deterreri aliqua reto be deterred from one's intention by something.Rate it:

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à cœur joieTo one’s heart’s content.Rate it:

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à dur âne dur aiguillonIn dealing with obstinate natures one must use severe measures.Rate it:

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a fila andaExpresses the notion that it is normal to move on from one relationship to the next. See also: serial monogamy.Rate it:

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a fresh fucked fox in a forest fireSomething which is extremely hot, in any sense. Hot weather, sexual arousal, one who is wanted by the police, etc. are all described as "hotter than..." or "as hot as a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire",Rate it:

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a friend in need is a friend indeedA true friend is one who helps you when you are in need.Rate it:

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a good beginning makes a good endingGood beginnings promise a good end; start off on a good note to reap the benefits at the end.Rate it:

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a goose has wandered onto one’s midsection.To experience a warm and fuzzy feeling inside ones chest; to feel content and happy.Rate it:

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a hit dog will hollaif one is guilty, then that guilt will ultimately be revealed.Rate it:

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a hundred and ten percentA level of effort exceeding one's sustained capacity, possibly risking injury.Rate it:

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à la guerre comme à la guerreOne must take things as they come; We must take the rough with the smooth.Rate it:

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à la mainin one's handRate it:

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a leopard cannot change its spotsOne cannot change one's own nature.Rate it:

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a lifestyle overhaula complete revision of one's way of livingRate it:

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a magician never reveals his secretsA refusal to explain how one accomplished something impressive.Rate it:

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a metu respirare (Cluent. 70. 200)to recover from one's fright.Rate it:

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a miss is as good as a mileA failure remains a failure, regardless of how close to success one has actually come.Rate it:

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a parentibus degenerareto degenerate (from one's ancestors).Rate it:

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à parti pris pas de conseilAdvice is useless to one who has made up his mind.Rate it:

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a party animalAn individual whom lives, thinks, reflects, promotes, enjoys, raucous, wild, off the deep end, exotic; parties, gatherings, happenings and blasts.Rate it:

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à peu de chose prèsNot far off.Rate it:

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à porte basse, passant courbéOne must bow to circumstances.Rate it:

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a pyrrhic victoryAn apparent victory, but one which is no victory at all, due to the great cost incurred. The phrase comes from the victory won by King Pyrrhus at Asculum in 279BC which cost him many of his best men. After the battle Pyrrhus remarked: "One more such victory and we are finished."Rate it:

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à quelque chose malheur est bonIt is an ill wind that blows no one any good.Rate it:

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a quick drop and a sudden stopA fall to one's death, especially by hanging.Rate it:

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a rolling stone gathers no mossA person who never settles in one place will never be successful.A person who does not keep active will grow mouldy.Rate it:

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a sententia sua discedereto give up one's opinion.Rate it:

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a short drop and a sudden stopA fall to one's death by hanging.Rate it:

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a smoke screenEarly sea battles demonstrated the value of gun smoke and smoke from burning ships to hide one battleship from one belonging to the enemy. Later, smoke was generated prior to commencing battle so as to make it more difficult for gun crews to spot the targeted vessel. This tactic became known as a smoke screen.Rate it:

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a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go downAn otherwise unpleasant situation can be pleasant when a pleasant aspect is deliberately introduced.1999, Eli Yassif, The Hebrew Folktale: History, Genre, Meaning, Indiana University Press, ISBN 0253335833, page 372,One is known as the "sweetening parable," that is to say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Thus, when the aim is to preach to the people, to guide them along the "bitter," arduous path of upholding burdensome precepts and prohibitions, a tale can lighten the load, make the "medicine" easier "to swallow."2001, Maureen Reagan, First Father, First Daughter: A Memoir, Little, Brown, ISBN 0316736368, page 319,It put some fun into the tedious business of preparing for a presidential debate. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, right?2004, John Hoover, How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive... Without Killing Your Boss, Career Press, ISBN 1564147045, page 11,If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, a barrel of laughs can wash down the big pills you might need to swallow.Rate it:

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a teneris unguiculis (ἐξ ἁπαλων ὀνύχων) (Fam. 1. 6. 2)from one's cradle, from one's earliest childhood.Rate it:

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