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change of tackThe act of tacking, turning into the wind so the sail moves to the opposite side.Rate it:

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tack upTo prepare a horse for riding by equipping it with tack.Rate it:

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change of tackA reversal of an opinion.Rate it:

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sharp as a tackVery intelligent.Rate it:

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a carpet-baggerA candidate for election who has no roots or interest in the constituency he wishes to represent. The original meaning was a Unionist financier or adventurer who exploited the cheap labour in the American South after the Civil War. The carpet bags carried by these adventurers were made of carpet material.Rate it:

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call off the carpetTo get away fromRate it:

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roll out the red carpetTo extend the utmost hospitality; to treat someone as an honored guest; to welcome or host, especially in a showy or extravagant manner.Rate it:

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under the carpetUsed other than as an idiom: see under, carpet.Rate it:

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Red-Carpet TreatmentSpecial and exclusive treatment for someone in terms of hospitality and respectRate it:

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brush under the carpetTo hide, cover up or overlook something, usually a negative thingRate it:

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Call You on the CarpetTo scold a person before assigning an authorityRate it:

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the carpet matches the drapesA woman's pubic hair is of the same colour as the hair on her head, i.e. her hair is not dyed.Rate it:

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under the carpetSuch as to be hidden from plain view (and thus easily ignored or overlooked).Rate it:

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come aboutTo tack; to change tack; to maneuver the bow of a sailing vessel across the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the vessel to the other; to position a boat with respect to the wind after tacking.Rate it:

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brace aboutto brace the ship's yards on the opposite tack when going aboutRate it:

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cela ne vaut pas un clou à souffletThat is not worth a straw (lit. a tin-tack).Rate it:

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changer son fusil d'épauleto change tack, change one's tuneRate it:

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fend offTo take defensive action, push against, veer away, avoid, steer away, retreat, tack, give strong vocal or signal warning.Rate it:

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go aboutTo change from one tack to another.Rate it:

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s'agenouiller à cruTo kneel on the bare ground, on the cold stone (without a hassock or carpet).Rate it:

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saddleA seat (tack) for a rider placed on the back of a horse or other animalRate it:

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tapis rougered carpetRate it:

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the curtains match the drapesSynonym of the carpet matches the drapesRate it:

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