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evel knievel1. An equivalent of Evel Kievel. 2. A daredevil. 3. A reckless showboating driver.Rate it:
even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a whileBeing right once doesn't prove anythingRate it:
even handedimpartialRate it:
even homer nodsNot even the most vigilant and expert are immune from erring.Rate it:
even jove nodsAlternative form of even Homer nods.Rate it:
even keelA situation in which the boat is level and balanced for a smooth ride.Rate it:
even keelA state of having one's emotions under control and balanced.Rate it:
even keelOf a business or other activity which is under control and running smoothly.Rate it:
even moneyA bet which offers odds of 1 to 1.Rate it:
even moneyBy extension, an event that is somewhat likely to happen, but far from inevitable.Rate it:
even outto make or become more evenRate it:
even outto make or become more equalRate it:
even soneverthelessRate it:
even the scoreTo get revenge against someone.Rate it:
even upTo make even; to make levelRate it:
even-stevenEqual; fair.Rate it:
even-stevenEqually; fairly.Rate it:
ever afterforever, for eternityRate it:
ever soUsed other than as an idiom: see ever, so.Rate it:
ever soVery, extremelyRate it:
every bitExactly, to its full degreeRate it:
every cloud has a silver liningThere is something good in every unpleasant situationRate it:
every cloud has a silver liningIn every bad situation there is an element of good1881, National Academy of Code Administration (U.S.), Folio, page 417:Every cloud has a silver lining; but in the old-fashioned meeting-houses every cloud of hymnal melody generally had a nasal lining before the congregation...1887, Shakers, Religion, page 36:that "a little reserve and thou'lt fail surely," will prove to be true in our experience. Every cloud has a silver lining and so has every sorrow,1918, George Jean Nathan, Performing Arts, page 222:But the most popular attitude toward what we may call "sad" plays is the peculiar one of believing that, since every cloud has a silver lining,Rate it:
every dark cloud has a silver liningAlternative form of every cloud has a silver lining.Rate it:
every day is a school dayYou learn something new every day.Rate it:
every dog has its dayEveryone has a time of success and satisfaction.Rate it:
every good boy deserves fudgeA mnemonic phrase to help remember the order of the five lines on a musical treble stave in order from the bottom to the top: E G B D F.Rate it:
every inchtotally, completelyRate it:
every jack has his jilleverybody will find someone to have a romantic relationship with at some point in their lifeRate it:
every king needs a queenEvery man needs a woman to be with for the rest of his life.Rate it:
every lastEvery; without exception; used for emphasis.Rate it:
every little helpsEven the smallest things are helpful when towards a goal.Rate it:
every man for himselfAn expression of indifference, that everyone should forget about comradeship and save themselves.Rate it:
every man for himself!Everyone has to fight for his or her own survival. This extraordinary admonition, generally applies during an extreme emergency, commercial or military wherein rescue assistance or other lifesaving help is unlikely.Rate it:
every man for hisselfSynonym of every man for himselfRate it:
every man has a priceEveryone can be bribed or corrupted for a certain price.Rate it:
every man jackAll the members of a group with no exceptions.Rate it:
every nook and crannyEverywhere.Rate it:
every old nook and crannyAlternative form of every nook and cranny.Rate it:
every rose has it's thornseverything, even if it seems perfect, has faultsRate it:
every rule has an exceptionAlternative form of there is an exception to every rule.Rate it:
every secondEvery other; each alternate.Rate it:
every secondUsed other than as an idiom: Once per second.Rate it:
every secondVery frequently; more frequently than is desired.Rate it:
every shut eye isn't asleepOne must be careful, because some people who seem not to be paying attention are actually paying attention.Rate it:
every silver lining has a cloudEvery good situation has the potential to turn bad.2007, Diab A. Shetayh, Actuality : The Reality RequiemA great partnership isn't a self-maintaining entity. Perseverance and persistence make it thrive. For every silver lining has a cloud. Ignorance of this reality is not an option.Rate it:
every timeAt each occasion that.Rate it:
every timeUsed to express a strong preference for something.Rate it:
every time i turn aroundFrequently; at every turn; with annoying frequency.Rate it:
every time one fartsEvery time one does any small thing.Rate it:

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