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Active Senior Citizen interested in; Activism, Books, Conservation, Driving, Electronics, Flying, Gardening, History, Illustrating, Jogging, Kites, Lightning, Mining, Numerology, ORIENTATION, Photography, Quipping, Raconteuring, Sailing, Texting, Understanding, Visiting, Writing, Xylophones, Youth, Zoology:

  August 2014     7 years ago

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jump the gun!Take Premature Action:, Begin to run before the report of the starter's gun! Illegal actions:added
8 years ago
an old fuddy, duddyOne Whom Remains Stilted, Unwilling to React in an Up To The Moment Attitude; Dwells in the Past. Rejects modern approaches.added
8 years ago
work 'im over!To give someone heavy criticism, 'dress him down', 'read him out', let him know 'who's the boss'!added
8 years ago
dress downThe heavy criticism, personal attack upon a subaltern by a superior for any infraction, misdemeanor, rule violation, felony et al which leaves the victim shattered:added
8 years ago
quiet the wavesA positive development, incident, action, minor miracle, change, reversal, retraction, in a situation and the possible positive effects.added
8 years ago
make my dayA positive incident, development, sidebar success, which heavily solidifies, enhances plans in a particular thrust or agenda:added
8 years ago
map out my dayAn action to formulate, plan, schedule one's energies, or attention to various agendas in order of importance:added
8 years ago
burst my balloonBreak-up an assertion or a claim of success. Deprecate a plan or approach. Deflate and belittle the glowing reports of a well chosen committee:added
8 years ago
wonder of wondersA happening, an event, a pleasing circumstance, results beyond one's wildest dream or expectation:added
8 years ago
not for love nor moneyA circumstance in which 'ONE' would NOT comply, join, perform, reciprocate, marry, participate, sign-up, subscribe, engage, launch, give one ounce of approval:added
8 years ago

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