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black tieEvening dress; a standard of dress which is less formal than white tie, consisting of black dinner jacket or tuxedo jacket, and matching trousers, white shirt and black bow tie or, possibly, military dress or national costume.Rate it:

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e pluribus unumA national motto of the United States of America, meaning "From many, one", or "out of many, one", referring to the integration of 13 independent colonies into one country, and that has taken an additional meaning, giving the pluralistic nature of American society from immigration.Rate it:

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every cloud has a silver liningIn every bad situation there is an element of good1881, National Academy of Code Administration (U.S.), Folio, page 417:Every cloud has a silver lining; but in the old-fashioned meeting-houses every cloud of hymnal melody generally had a nasal lining before the congregation...1887, Shakers, Religion, page 36:that "a little reserve and thou'lt fail surely," will prove to be true in our experience. Every cloud has a silver lining and so has every sorrow,1918, George Jean Nathan, Performing Arts, page 222:But the most popular attitude toward what we may call "sad" plays is the peculiar one of believing that, since every cloud has a silver lining,Rate it:

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grass rootsPeople and society at the local level rather than at the national centre of political activity.Rate it:

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national insurancestate social-security schemeRate it:

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strike one's flagTo take down one's national or other representative flag in order to indicate surrender.Rate it:

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