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knee high to a grasshopperShort; especially relating to when the subject was a small child.Rate it:

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bend the kneeto submit to another's authorityRate it:

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his knee was really hurt, but it's starting to get lined out now.He had a bad injury to his knee and it’s starting to heel now. The problem is getting “straightened up” now.Rate it:

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knee highVery small; to the height of one's knees.Rate it:

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knee slapperA joke, especially one which strikes the listener or reader as particularly humorous.Rate it:

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knee-deep in the Big MuddyStuck in a predicament; mired in a difficult situation, especially one resulting from poor judgment or bad leadership.Rate it:

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knee-high to a grasshoppershort; especially relating to when the subject was a small childRate it:

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Knee-High to a GrasshopperToo short and youngRate it:

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suffering housemaid's kneeQuaint expression of earlier days relative to female servants performing chores of scrubbing floor on hands and knees.Rate it:

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jerk offTo masturbate, usually a male.Rate it:

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horse's assA jerk; an unpleasant, unlikable person; an asshole.Rate it:

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jerk aroundTo act foolishlyRate it:

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jerk aroundto cheat or treat unfairlyRate it:

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white saviorAn embedded reflex by those from unquestioned privilege to outline the solution to Black social struggles and systemic racism.Rate it:

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jerk-offSomeone who behaves rudely or inappropriately, or is ignorant of certain social norms, usually a male.Rate it:

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jerk offTo do nothing; to waste time.Rate it:

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jack offAn annoying person or one who has committed a transgression with no or insufficient apology; a jerk, an asshole.Rate it:

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hitch upTo pull or raise with a jerk.Rate it:

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jerk offA mean, nasty or obnoxious person.Rate it:

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jerk offOne who masturbates.Rate it:

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jerk offan annoying person.Rate it:

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jerk offTo deceive.Rate it:

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jerk offUsed other than as an idiom: see jerk, off.Rate it:

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jerk-offSomeone who masturbates, usually a male.Rate it:

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not invented hereInvented outside one's own company (referring to the knee-jerk dismissal of products, technologies, etc. that come from third parties).Rate it:

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SLRsingle-lens reflex cameraRate it:

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soda jerkA person who works at a soda fountain.Rate it:

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whip outto pull something out with a sudden jerk.Rate it:

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