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worship the ground someone walks onTo admire someone greatly.Rate it:

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worship the porcelain godTo vomit into the toilet.Rate it:

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worship the porcelain goddessto vomitRate it:

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go from zero to heroTo become very popular after being unpopular.Rate it:

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go from zero to heroTo change from negative outcome to positive outcome. To improve one's fortunes significantly.Rate it:

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culture heroA mythical character or real person who is renowned as the exemplar of the values or achievements of a society, group, or time period.Rate it:

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familiarity breeds contemptThe more acquainted one becomes with a person, the more one knows about his or her shortcomings and, hence, the easier it is to dislike that person.1894, H. Rider Haggard, The People Of The Mist, ch. 25:This was the beginning of evil, for if no man is a hero to his valet de chambre, much less can he remain a god for long in the eyes of a curious woman. Here, as in other matters, familiarity breeds contempt.Rate it:

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cultus dei, deorum (N. D. 2. 3. 8)worship of the gods; divine service.Rate it:

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il n'y a pas de grand homme pour son valet de chambreNo man is a hero to his valet.Rate it:

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kneel beforeTo kneel in front of someone or something, especially in order to worship or supplicate.Rate it:

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knight in shining armorA person who will rescue a dangerous situation; a hero.Rate it:

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she's a real fucktressShe acts elegant, but intentionally brings ruin to those unsuspecting minions that worship her.Rate it:

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ssA common abbreviation for "missing", as in informing the team when an enemy hero leaves their lane; or "stay safe", a general warning. Using in Dota 2Rate it:

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un brave à trois poilsThe bravest of the brave; A hero of the first water.Rate it:

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vir fortissimusa hero.Rate it:

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