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hairy mollyA hairy caterpillar.Rate it:

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hairy mollyThe vulva.Rate it:

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bite one's lipTo forcibly prevent oneself from speaking, especially in order to avoid saying something inappropriate or likely to cause a dispute.Rate it:

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button one's lipTo remain silent, especially in order to keep a secret or to avoid saying something inappropriate.Rate it:

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lip serviceEmpty talk; words absent of action or intention.Rate it:

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loose lipThe practice or characteristic of being overly talkative, especially with respect to inadvertently revealing information which is private or confidential.Rate it:

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zip one's lipTo stop talking; to be quiet.Rate it:

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stiff upper lipThe quality of being resolute and showing self-restraint, associated with stereotypical British people.Rate it:

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Button Your LipTo be quite, to keep silenceRate it:

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there's many a slip twixt cup and lipIn any situation, however well planned, something can always go wrong.Rate it:

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zip your lipBe quiet.Rate it:

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fat lipA swelling on the lip, especially one resulting from a punch or other blow.Rate it:

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Keep a Stiff Upper LipTo be strong and resilient in difficulty or in troubleRate it:

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lip offTo speak rudely, harshly or belligerently.Rate it:

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shoot from the lipTo speak confidently and unhesitantly but without careful forethought or a reliable knowledge of important facts pertaining to the subject matter.Rate it:

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zip itBe quiet; the same as zip one's lip.Rate it:

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il y a loin de la coupe aux lèvresThere is many a slip ’twixt the cup and the lip.Rate it:

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