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straighten up and fly rightTo get serious and stop acting absurd, to get focusedRate it:

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pull oneself togetherTo become mentally focused after a period of being unfocused.Rate it:

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keep one's eye on the ballMy ethos has always been to be very straight with people, tell it as it is. It doesn't often make people happy but I found that over a period of time it's better to be that way. So being straight, also being very focused on your objectives, keep your eye on the ball and not get deflected away from it.Rate it:

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play to winTo play in an especially competitive, committed manner, focused intently on winning.Rate it:

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all earsListening intently; fully focused.Rate it:

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cool headA calm, focused demeanor and mindset; a person having such characteristics.Rate it:

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cooler heads will prevailPeople who are calm and focused are the most likely to succeed or to have the greatest influence on events.Rate it:

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full tilt boogieIn an extremely focused manner.Rate it:

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get your sh-t together!Collect Your Thoughts, Get The Tools, Get Prepared, Gird Your Loins, Be Fully Focused, Be Wide Awake, Be Guarded Expect About Anything, Be Sharp.Rate it:

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give it the old college tryAn American Expression'; Give It The Traditional College Student's Focused, Determined Attempt Toward Achieving The Goal!Rate it:

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in the zoneIn a mental state of focused concentration on the performance of an activity, in which one dissociates oneself from distracting or irrelevant aspects of one's environment.Rate it:

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Keep Your Ear to the GroundBe focused and well aware of what is happening aroundRate it:

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keep your eye on the ballRemain Focused, Determined, AlertRate it:

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lose oneself into be deeply occupied, focused or absorbed in someone or somethingRate it:

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mr. all businessSomeone who acts very business-like and serious and focused on the job at hand, either at the moment or all the timeRate it:

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there's no i in teamA team game is focused on the team, not on the individual.Rate it:

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tighten upTo become focused and serious; To stop any vacillation or inconsistency.Rate it:

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