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a blind squirrel finds a nutEveryone gets luckyRate it:

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sweet as a nutExtremely good.Rate it:

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hard nut to crackA situation, person, group, etc. which is difficult to overcome or deal with.Rate it:

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bust a nutTo ejaculate.Rate it:

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employ a steam engine to crack a nutto do a simple task in an overcomplicated manner.Rate it:

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tough nut to crackA difficult or sticky problem.Rate it:

(3.50 / 2 votes)
hard nut to crackA problem that is challenging to solve.Rate it:

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nut-cutting timeTime to exert maximum effort, for example, due to an approaching deadline or a looming competitive situation.Rate it:

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nut outTo find a solution for, to work out the finer details, especially in a group discussion.Rate it:

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bust a nutto work very hard, put in a lot of effortRate it:

(1.00 / 2 votes)
give one's left nutPay a very high price for something.Rate it:

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use a sledgehammer to crack a nutTo use significantly excessive force to carry out an action; to do something overzealouslyRate it:

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hard nut to crackA place, opportunity, etc. to which it is difficult to gain entry.Rate it:

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hard nut to crackAn amount that is difficult to finance.Rate it:

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hard nut to crackUsed other than as an idiom: see hard, nut, crack.Rate it:

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nut outTo become crazy, especially with rage.Rate it:

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nut upTo suffer in silence, without complaint or protest.Rate it:

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nut-cutting timeTime to gather nuts before they are taken by other animals or buried in snow.Rate it:

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off one's nutInsane, crazy.Rate it:

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one's left nutA very high price to be willing to pay for something; usually used after the verb give.Rate it:

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the nut does not fall far from the tree!The human demeanor, conduct, mannerisms, appearances, tendencies, genes, in many instances often closely resemble those of the immediate forbears.Rate it:

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Tough Nut to CrackSomething that’s not much easier to understand or difficult to do; harder to solve a problemRate it:

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chestnutThe nut of this tree or shrub.Rate it:

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