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all systems goEverything is ready.Rate it:

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one country, two systemsSlogan for the reunification of China as one country, but with areas like Hong Kong and Taiwan with separate economic and political systems.Rate it:

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first among equalsIn the British and other parliamentary systems, a term used to describe the relationship of the prime minister to the other members of the cabinet.Rate it:

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socialized medicineA politically charged term used to contrast such systems with free market alternatives and emphasize the perceived link to socialism.Rate it:

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area of influenceA geographical area wherein a commander is directly capable of influencing operations by maneuver or fire support systems normally under the commander's command or control.Rate it:

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belt and suspendersRedundant systems, affording mutual backup in the event of one failing.Rate it:

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common groundA characteristic or interest shared by multiple people or systems.Rate it:

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common lawOne of two legal systems in England and in the United States before 1938 (the other being equity).Rate it:

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life's molecular danceThe phrase "life's molecular dance" refers to the dynamic and coordinated interactions between molecules within living organisms. It signifies the intricate and harmonious movements of various biomolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolites, as they carry out essential functions in cellular processes. This metaphor highlights the complexity and beauty of these molecular interactions, which are crucial for sustaining life and maintaining the delicate balance within biological systems.Rate it:

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make for????, translator unknown, author Galileo Galilei, Two Chief World Systems.Rate it:

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noarchShort for "no architecture". It is a term used mainly in package management systems to mark packages which are architecture independent. Such packages usually contain graphics, documentation or similar data that can be used on any architecture.Rate it:

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一國兩制"One Country, Two Systems"Rate it:

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