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can't see the forest for the treesTo miss the major things while only seeing the minor details; to overlook the entire situation due to focusing on small aspectsRate it:

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look at the winter trees, cold-hearted; cruel; apathetically ignorant.The 'winter trees' are my family, and they are exactly as I have described.Rate it:

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"the determined seed grows regardless of the opinion of trees that do not bear fruit."SeedRate it:

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conch don't grow on treesmeat that comes out of sea shellsRate it:

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money doesn't grow on treesYou must work in order to have money.Rate it:

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see the forest for the treesTo discern an overall pattern from a mass of detail; to see the bigger picture, or the broader, more general situation. Generally used in the negative.Rate it:

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barking-up the wrong tree:{Coon Hunters Remark:} Coon Dogs Chase Raccoon up Trees. They Bark at the Tree so Hunter Can 'Shoot' Coon out of the Tree:Rate it:

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black beetleThe Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, a pest of palm trees in tropical Asia.Rate it:

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arbores caedereto fell trees.Rate it:

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arbores frondescuntthe trees are coming into leaf.Rate it:

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arbores serere (De Sen. 7. 24)to plant trees.Rate it:

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black beetleA common name for many species of beetle that are black in color, including:The African black beetle, Hetronychus arator, a serious pest of grasses in New Zealand.The Asiatic rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, a pest of palm trees in tropical Asia.The European species Feronia nigrita.Rate it:

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gemmae proveniuntthe trees are budding.Rate it:

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rotation timeThe time allowed to elapse between successive occurrences of a stand of trees being logged.Rate it:

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sour cherryThe fruit of these trees, often used for cooking.Rate it:

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wild cherryThe fruit of these trees.Rate it:

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