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albatrossAny of various large seabirds of the family Diomedeidae ranging widely in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific and having a hooked beak and long narrow wings.Rate it:

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dog in the huntThis is often used erroneously to indicate that one has no stake in the outcome. As such this is a bastardization of two Southern idioms: "no dog in the fight," and "that dog won't hunt." (The latter indicates something is a bad idea or prone to fail.) Use of the phrase "no dog in the hunt" when one wishes to indicate they have no "dog in the fight" will generate funny glances from any Southerners who overhear it.Rate it:

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good old boyA friendly, unambitious, relatively uneducated, sometimes racially biased white man who embodies the stereotype of the folksy culture of the rural southern USA.Rate it:

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shotgunA one-story dwelling with no hallways or corridors, with the rooms arranged in a straight line. Mostly heard in the southern United States.Rate it:

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South TibetUsed other than as an idiom: see south, Tibet. (the southern part of Tibet)(in particular, in the People's Republic of China) Those areas located south of the McMahon Line, which are now administered by the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, and which were formerly part of the Tibetan cultural area.Rate it:

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well ain't that the catfish in the trapA sentence commonly spoken in the Southern United States. It can often be used in place of "well, I'll be damned". Used to express surprise.Rate it:

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winter sunthe off-season holiday market, typically to destinations in North Africa and Southern Europe.Rate it:

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