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come onlineTo enter service or become active.Rate it:

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throw dirt enough, and some will stickIf enough allegations are made about someone or something, then even if they are all untrue, people's opinion of the person or thing will be diminished.1759, John Wesley, letter to John Downes, Rector of St. Michael's, Wood Street, read at Wesley Center Online at on 14 Oct 06.I hope...that you are ignorant of the whole affair, and are so bold only because you are blind...And blind enough; so that you blunder on through thick and thin, bespattering all that come in your way, according to the old, laudable maxim, 'Throw dirt enough, and some will stick.'1857, Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown's Schooldays, read at on 14 Oct 06,But whatever harm a spiteful tongue could do them, he took care should be done. Only throw dirt enough, and some will stick.1864, John Henry Newman, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, Penguin Classics (1994), p. 10,Archbishop Whately used to say Rate it:

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dead tree editionPaper version of a publication that can be found online.Rate it:

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be right backUsed to indicate the speaker will return in a moment. Often abbreviated in online slang as brb.Rate it:

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don't feed the trollSaid to urge another not to respond to disruptive attention-seeking behavior, particularly in online contexts, by pointing out any such response is likely to be counterproductive.Rate it:

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faceplantDeath or defeat in popular multiplayer online games.Rate it:

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moshismall virtual online creatures, aimed at preschool children to help learnRate it:

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