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My main artistic interests are music (I play guitar and ukulele, sing and write songs), photography (mainly landscapes, travel and family) and poetry. I began writing poems (not counting the few I wrote in school) in the 1990s, and I continue to enjoy writing them, along with the occasional short story. I have lived the whole of my life in West Yorkshire, England.

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the holy of holiesThe most private room in the house. "This is my husband's holy of holies where he can work without being disturbed." The Holy of Holies was the name given to the innermost apartment of the Jewish Temple, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. Only the high priest could enter this room on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur).added
3 years ago
a pyrrhic victoryAn apparent victory, but one which is no victory at all, due to the great cost incurred. The phrase comes from the victory won by King Pyrrhus at Asculum in 279BC which cost him many of his best men. After the battle Pyrrhus remarked: "One more such victory and we are finished."added
3 years ago
bat on a sticky wicketTo take action in unfavourable conditions.added
3 years ago
a bird of ill-omenSomeone who is always delivering bad news, or bringing bad luck.added
3 years ago
put not your trust in princesA warning that men of power and influence can be just as fickle and unreliable as the rest of us.added
3 years ago
like a sphinxAn expressionless face which conceals a secret.added
3 years ago
drop the pilotTo dismiss an expert adviser. A classic example was the dismissal of the German Chancellor, Bismarck, by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1891.added
3 years ago
a stormy petrelA person who is restless or turbulent, and who is likely to stir up trouble.added
3 years ago
as cross as two sticksTo be in a very bad temper.added
3 years ago
necessity knows no lawSomeone who is desperate cannot be expected to obey the rules, or keep the law.added
3 years ago

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