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you have no ideaYou have no idea is a casual phrase used to respond to someone commenting on your difficult circumstances.added
1 day ago
a load of old codswallopA load of rubbish. Completely untrue.added
8 days ago
there's only one way to find outSaid lightheartedly when trying something new and unknown. Or said seriously and with weight when attempting something unknown and potentially unsafe or final.added
14 days ago
practice what you preachTo practice what you preach means to do as you say. To live by example.added
17 days ago
seeing redWhen someone is seeing red they are absolutely furious, angry beyond control, feeling rage.added
24 days ago
you don't know what you've got 'til it's goneA commonly used phrase to acknowledge the irony of taking something or someone for granted and only appreciating it/them once you don't have it/them any longer.added
1 month ago
beat yourself upTo overly judge and berate yourself for a mistake, bad judgement or act.added
1 month ago
he/she is on fireWhen someone is described as being 'on fire' they are performing at their absolute best, they're unstoppable, unbelievable, very impressiveadded
1 month ago
i’ll believe it when i see itA phrase used by someone who wants to express they are wary of what they have been told.added
2 months ago
see you soonA commonly used parting phrase when meeting again soonadded
2 months ago
don’t ask, don’t getA phrase used to guide those who are nervous to speak up about their needs or wantsadded
2 months ago
keep confusion at bayTo keep confusion at bay means to avoid or prevent confusion.added
2 months ago

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