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fiddle while Rome burnsTo neglect helping when one's time is needed most; to ignore the major problem at hand (whilst doing something less important); to be idle, inactive, or uninterested in a time of great need.Rate it:

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gravy trainAn occupation or any lucrative endeavor that generates considerable income whilst requiring little effort and carrying little risk.Rate it:

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inter poculawhilst drinking; at table.Rate it:

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pelt of the dogAn immoderate, excessive quantity of alcohol drunk the morning after whilst suffering withdrawal symptoms or a hangover, which goes beyond alleviating the complaint to causing drunkenness; cf. hair of the dog.Rate it:

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pick offTo throw out a runner by tagging them whilst they are not in contact with any of the three bases or home plate.Rate it:

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scale downTo reduce the size of something whilst maintaining proportion.Rate it:

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scale upTo increase the size of something whilst maintaining proportionRate it:

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sitting down for thisNews or information of such tremendous impact, the recipient should be seated whilst being apprised of the facts in the matter.Rate it:

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stay behindTo remain where one is, whilst others leave.Rate it:

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sufficere aliquem in alicuius locum or alicuito elect a man to fill the place of another who has died whilst in office.Rate it:

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sweat it outBe patient whilst results develop closer to fruition.Rate it:

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