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employ a steam engine to crack a nutto do a simple task in an overcomplicated manner.Rate it:

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engine roomThe source of power in a team or other group.Rate it:

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engine roomA compartment on a ship in which the engine machinery is located.Rate it:

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google itUse the Google search engine to obtain information on something or somebody on the World Wide WebRate it:

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rev upTo increase the speed of an engine, especially that of a stationary motor car.Rate it:

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tune upTo make adjustments to an engine in order to improve its performance.Rate it:

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deadstick landingWhen a pilot lands a plane after the engine has died; a landing lacking any propulsion control.Rate it:

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bought the farmA fatality in private aviation for any number of Airframe and Engine {A&E} failures, pilot error or weather related problems.Rate it:

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knock-on effectThe continued running of an engine after the ignition has been turned off; dieseling.Rate it:

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soup upTo modify the engine of to give a higher performance than the specifications.Rate it:

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spark plugcar engine partRate it:

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tach upTo rev a car's engine; to accelerate.Rate it:

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the ;WYEWYE, SPECIAL RAILROAD TRACK LAYOUT DESIGNED SO AS TO Be Able To Reverse Direction Of An Entire Freight Train. Subject to Constraints Relavent to Consist, Train Length, Engine Power, Terrain, Weather, Traffic Condx., Company Rules, Govt Regs, Crews et al:Rate it:

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