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a pick-upA female whom frequents venues where males spend their spare time in billiards, drinking, lounging and where she seeks temporary companionship for ulterior motives.Rate it:

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dead cat bounceA temporary recovery in the price of a financial instrument which has fallen rapidly and is expected to fall further in the long run.Rate it:

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stand intemporary substituteRate it:

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rusticatio, vita rusticanacountry life (of casual, temporary visitors).Rate it:

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take downTo remove a temporary structure such as scaffolding.Rate it:

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brain crampA temporary mental lapse, such as an inability to remember something, to focus one's attention, to understand something, or to perform some other mental task of which one would ordinarily be capable.Rate it:

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crashpadAny place used for temporary lodging.Rate it:

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crashpadIn the aviation industry, used for a place of temporary lodging for airline flight crews.Rate it:

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frog in one's throatAny temporary physical difficulty in speaking.Rate it:

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landing stripA runway for aircraft, especially one which is auxiliary or temporary.Rate it:

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out of luckExperiencing a temporary misfortune.Rate it:

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pull up stakesTo prepare to move one's usually temporary habitation, especially rapidly.Rate it:

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rubber roomEspecially in New York City, a temporary workplace assigned to a teacher who is not permitted to teach in a classroom because he or she is under disciplinary review.Rate it:

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sock inTo cause a temporary disruption of the operations of, usually an airport.Rate it:

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stalking horseA person, thing, or expedient used in a deceptive manner, to achieve some hidden purpose; a pretext or ruse.Rate it:

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