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firing lineA row of shootersRate it:

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circular firing squadA political party or other group experiencing considerable disarray because the members are engaging in internal disputes and mutual recrimination.Rate it:

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firing lineThe vanguard of an activityRate it:

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firing lineThe line from which soldiers fire their weapons at a target; especially the front line of troops in a battleRate it:

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rocket scienceAnything overly complex, detailed or confusing.Rate it:

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rocket scienceThe science or study of rockets and their design.Rate it:

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rocket scientistOne specializing in the science or study of rockets and their design.Rate it:

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rocket scientistSomeone qualified to understand or handle that which is overly complex, detailed or confusing; a genius.Rate it:

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rocket upto increase sharply.Rate it:

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21 gun saluteA British / Colonial practice of firing 21 artillery pieces or rifles as a way of honouring someone / something.Rate it:

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stop throwing shadesThis means to refrain from throwing sarcasm to a person either via SMS or in personal conversation. It calls to rather get direct to the point. It is like firing a bullet at point blank.Rate it:

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bring downTo make something flying fall to the ground. Usually by firing a weapon of some kind.Rate it:

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shoot the moonTo hit the moon, with a rocket or by other means.Rate it:

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open upTo commence firing weapons.Rate it:

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hatchet manSomeone who carries out brutal and unpleasant duties on behalf of another, such as firing dead wood employees.Rate it:

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open fireTo begin firing at something or someone.Rate it:

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snap inTo practice aiming, adjusting and firing a rifle with no ammunitionRate it:

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